These days, the proliferation of online lenders makes it easier and faster than ever to get a loan. You can often knock out the whole process in minutes without leaving your couch. That said, there are a few things to know before looking for these loans. Understanding them will help you find an instant online loan that matches your needs, budget, and financial situation. This article will cover a few facts millennials should know before getting an instant online loan.

1. You can apply and get approved from the comfort of home

Online loans allow you to apply, get approved, and receive funding without ever leaving home. Additionally, you can look at many lenders at once without driving to various branches. This can save you the time and energy it would otherwise take to travel to the lender, while helping you find a loan that fits your needs and budget.

If you run into any questions or concerns, many online lenders have customer support chatbots and agents available to help you out. You may also be able to contact them via phone if they have phone agents available.

2. They come with same-day funding

Oftentimes, borrowers may need a loan quickly. They may have bills coming up before their next paycheck or they might run into an emergency, such as an auto accident. Regardless, instant online loans often fund the same day you apply and get approved. Once you sign the paperwork online and provide your bank account information, the lender can begin the transfer immediately. You may see the money hit your account within minutes to a few hours.

3. There are options for borrowers of all credit scores

Instant online loans are designed for borrowers of all credit scores. People with the highest scores may be able to get larger loan amounts and lower interest rates. But luckily, borrowers with poor or no credit have plenty of options available as well. Secured online loans, such as title loans, may have lenient credit requirements. These lenders will consider factors in addition to your credit score, like income and employment history, when deciding whether to approve you.

Certain unsecured online loans, such as installment loans and lines of credit, may also be forgiving when it comes to credit score. No matter where you sit on the credit score scale, you can still get an online loan.

Consider instant online loans

Instant online loans can be extremely helpful and convenient for certain borrowers. You can apply, get approved, and receive funding from the comfort of your couch. There are options for borrowers of all credit scores, so there’s no need to worry about being excluded. In many cases, this entire process is done in a few minutes to a couple of hours — making these some of the fastest options available. Overall, instant online loans are great for borrowers who need to borrow money right away without having to visit a lender’s physical store location.