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How to Write a Press Release for an IT Company?

Are you a content writer and willing to learn press release writing for your IT company? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn all the tips to write an overrated press release for an IT company and.

What is the Difference Between Panic Attack and Heart Attack?

Consider this: a person, upon hearing bad news, starts to palpitate, clutches his/ her heart and starts to choke. Now, as a person in front of him/her, you’re tasked with determining whether this was a heart attack or a panic.

Can Cayenne Pepper Stop a Heart Attack?

A cayenne pepper is something used so frequently in our dishes that it might come across as a surprise that many claim that it has properties consistent with a nitroglycerine pill or an aspirin pill; that is, that it has.

How Does a Heart Attack Affect the Digestive System?

Stomach pain and other gastrointestinal issues may result from cardiovascular disease—problems in the digestive system are one of the symptoms of a heart condition.  A heart attack results from cardiovascular disease; this is a commonly known fact. But how does.

Identifying: Signs of Heart Problems in Children and Toddlers

Heart diseases in children and minors are getting more and more common as we delve deeper into an era of consumerism. Genetics aside, the fact that obesity is on the rise and we have 5-year-olds that weigh more than 70.

How Long Does It Take For a Heart Attack To Happen?

A heart attack, medically known as myocardial infarction, is a condition where the muscle death at a large scale of the heart causes the organ to seize and stop functioning. A common affliction of the heart, it occurs when the.