Founded as a distribution website for press release marketing, Long on Wall & Broad also caters to the needs of content aficionados looking for quality content in the niche of general news and health. You can find loads of content on our website, all of which has gone through our rigorous quality checks and, therefore, maintains quality and quantity.

At Long on Wall & Broad, we are especially adept at health news and press releases, and we also provide guest posting for our customers. Which means that on a site like ours, with a healthy viewership and a good ranking thanks to Google’s SEO, you can get your health/financial article or press release published and released for the good majority of the internet to see, driving up the views and coverage of your content.

Our adroitness on the finance and health niche isn’t just limited to content posting. A lot of widgets and gadgets on the website are designed and are in place to help any visitor get an idea of the kind of attention to detail we have at Long on Wall & Broad, specifically for the visitors with a knack for health, finance, and the whole deal.

More than that, we have press release distribution, one which is unrivaled in the industry, which speaks volumes about the distribution and the traffic this website is capable of.

Our website hosts press releases from around a dozen industries, and the health industry is prominently featured in it, which is where you can find some of the latest and greatest news to have rocked the Valley.

Other than press release distribution, Long on Wall & Broad also hosts content for paying customers and provides guest posting services, more on which is detailed below.

“Looking for a Feature?”

Long on Wall & Broad also offers a host of guest posting and content posting plans, which you can use to give your content the kind of exposure it needs to find audiences wide and far away. Our other websites, with similarly high Google ranking and viewership numbers in the millions, will be beneficial to your content; to the point that your articles, press releases, or any other content you wish to publish (with no cap on word count or other trivial details) can get to millions in the course of a day, and you and your content get recognized as established entities using a website that boasts such users and viewership numbers.