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What is the Difference Between Panic Attack and Heart Attack?

Consider this: a person, upon hearing bad news, starts to palpitate, clutches his/ her heart and starts to choke. Now, as a person in front of him/her, you’re tasked with determining whether this was a heart attack or a panic.

Can Cayenne Pepper Stop a Heart Attack?

A cayenne pepper is something used so frequently in our dishes that it might come across as a surprise that many claim that it has properties consistent with a nitroglycerine pill or an aspirin pill; that is, that it has.

How Does a Heart Attack Affect the Digestive System?

Stomach pain and other gastrointestinal issues may result from cardiovascular disease—problems in the digestive system are one of the symptoms of a heart condition.  A heart attack results from cardiovascular disease; this is a commonly known fact. But how does.

How to Reverse Congestive Heart Failure?

Chances are, that if you’ve hung around a couple of old-timers, you might’ve heard them throw around the term ‘heart failure’ or ‘heart attack’. Well, what they are referring to is essentially, in the medical lexicon, is called a myocardial.

Identifying: Signs of Heart Problems in Children and Toddlers

Heart diseases in children and minors are getting more and more common as we delve deeper into an era of consumerism. Genetics aside, the fact that obesity is on the rise and we have 5-year-olds that weigh more than 70.

How Long Does It Take For a Heart Attack To Happen?

A heart attack, medically known as myocardial infarction, is a condition where the muscle death at a large scale of the heart causes the organ to seize and stop functioning. A common affliction of the heart, it occurs when the.

Can Panic Attacks Cause High Blood Pressure?

Panic attacks caused by anxiety or panic disorders – which is a type of anxiety disorder – are surely concerning,  but can panic attacks cause high blood pressure? One of Our Reader has asked us: Does anxiety lead to hypertension?.

Does Vaping Raise Your Blood Pressure?

As if classic cars weren’t getting electrified enough, now the trend seems to have caught up to another favorite pastime; nicotine addiction, delivered thanks to a smooth package called the cigarette. And just like the Mustang, which is now called.

Can Allergies Cause High Blood Pressure: Explained

Allergies are generally defined as the body’s reaction to any foreign substance in the body, which is usually harmless but is perceived by the immune system as a threat to the body, and which can therefore elicit reactions from the.

Miles to Walk: Common Walking Myths, Busted

Naysayers are everywhere today. For instance, you might be talking about how your daily walking routine has left you feeling really healthy and you’ve noticed some pounds shaving off and suddenly some guy steps in and interjects ‘no, not really.

Is Metabolic Confusion Diet Worth It?[Reviewed]

Losing weight is a struggle that most of us have been through in different times of our life. People who tend to gain a few pounds quicker than others are prone to follow different kinds of diets. You can find.

How Many Calories in Avocado Toast

Avocado is one of the most consumed produce in America; it is so much popular in fact, that in 2020, amid the global pandemic, consumers actually faced a shortage when demand spiked but supply remained the same, causing the same.

Does Stevia Break A Fast?

Intermittent fasting is the right solution for those who binge eat and consume hundreds of calories unknowingly. People who crave sugary stuff and have a sweet tooth mostly find it difficult to continue intermittent fasting throughout the 16 hours. They.

How Long Does Melatonin Last?

Our body needs sleep to function correctly. People often overlook rest but what they don't understand is the fact that sleep is equally essential for your body as eating. Modern life has got mankind working around the clock. Due to.

The Best Insoles For Flat Feet

Flatfoot, medically known as pes planus or a pronated foot, is a condition where the curvature of the sole of the foot deteriorates to flatten down, which can cause pain in the foot and may also affect a person’s ability.

How to Pop Your Ears?

Ears are such a blessing. You get to hear all the nice (and bad) things that are happening around you. The majority of the world’s population is blessed with excellent hearing capabilities, but even the best of the best have.

How To Crack Your Back?

Oh, the satisfaction and relief one feels after cracking one back is incomparable to any otherworldly pleasures. You feel relaxed, and your back feels more straightened after the crack. In most cases, the cracks occur involuntarily and happen out of.