October 19, 2022 – Toronto, Canada – Videolinq today announced that its video software-as-a-service (SaaS) now supports secure streaming. With the new Stream Protection functionality, streamers can ensure that only authorized viewers see their video.

The new feature works with both live and pre-recorded video and adds privacy and protection to video streamed by Videolinq, other streaming video providers, or content delivery networks (CDN), using the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol.

To utilize the new feature, a Videolinq customer lists the allowed viewers during the setup for the live or recorded stream.  The customer then generates an embedded player (to use the Videolinq player) or points any third-party player to a link provided by Videolinq. When implemented, viewers can be specified by geographic location, specific domain, or a list of IP addresses.

For example, Stream Protection could allow a broadcaster to send content to an audience based on selected countries or allow a company to broadcast a proprietary meeting to investors by their IP addresses.  Streamers could then be assured of the required privacy.

Eyal Menin, Videolinq cofounder noted, “With this industry-leading feature, users can save significantly over more-complex and costly digital rights management (DRM) solutions.  Videolinq provides all the benefits of advanced protection with no complex integrations and all at a very low price point.”

The new privacy Stream Protection feature is available on Videolinq’s Premium and Enterprise accounts which start at $149/month. Further information is available at https://videolinq.com/stream-protection.

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