United Kingdom – October 15, 2022

UK Landlord Tax, one of the leading property tax accounting firms, has announced today its official partnership with bookkeeping firm Hammock.

The key aim of this partnership is to provide landlords with a complete method of handling their tax and bookkeeping requirements. There is no doubt that this is especially relevant in light of the impending Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative, which is expected to affect many landlords from August 2024 onwards.

Hammock’s automated bookkeeping software is capable of matching incoming and outgoing payments to the correct properties and tenants in real-time. It is designed to work in tandem with UK Landlord Tax’s specialist advisory service to provide landlords with everything they need to handle their taxes in the most comprehensive and efficient manner possible.

Having received top marks in independent reviews on FreeIndex for landlord tax accountancy, UK Landlord Tax are delighted to be rated as the UK’s top-performing specialist landlord tax accountant. In addition to having over 250 positive ratings on their FreeIndex listing, their services profile is further highlighted for outstanding performance and quick response times.

With the help of guides and helpful documentation, UK Landlord Tax’s specialists aim to provide landlords with information on topics of concern, including but not limited to using a limited company for property investment to creating a declaration of trust and potential expenses that can be claimed, as well as how the mini-budget will affect landlords.

Additionally, UK Landlord Tax is one of the few specialist tax advisors that provide clear, transparent annual fees for tax filing on multiple properties (including those with multiple owners) as well as up-front fees for limited company creation.

Should landlords have any questions regarding the upcoming making tax digital changes, they can contact the UK Landlord Tax team. If they require more detailed tax advice, they should expect to pay a nominal fee. However, if they wish to partner with UK Landlord Tax long term, this fee can be refunded.

Company Biography:

UK Landlord Tax specialises in property tax accounting and since they are landlords themselves, they are often able to save clients much more in tax than general accountants.

Hammock provides bookkeeping and tax statement services that give landlords 24/7 access to fully digital, up-to-date records. Their accountants directly receive digital records of their landlord clients’ transactions, already reconciled in line with the SA105 categories.

For more information, contact:

Eleanor Bennett – [email protected]