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A recent research report published by MarkNtel Advisors reveals that the UAE Telehealth Market is projected to register 25% CAGR during 2023-28.  The report encompasses a comprehensive analysis of the industry, entailing latest trends, developments, drivers, restraints, challenges, & opportunities, along with its projected growth trajectory through all segments & geographies in the future.

In the analysis, stakeholders can find insights into the major aspects that are primarily contributing to the swift market expansion, wherin the information is presented in the form of diagrams, pie charts, tables, graphs, & other pictorial representations. Using these representations, the investors can understand the changing dynamics of the UAE Telehealth Market and plan & lay out strategies to expand their visibility, product portfolio, & customer base and generate massive revenue in the industry.

The historical period considered in the study is 2018-21, the base year 2022, and the forecast period, as cited above, is 2023-28.

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Key Reasons to Buy this Analysis

-This report is a thorough compilation of factors responsible for driving the UAE Telehealth Market dynamics, projecting its prominent drivers, growth restraints, opportunities, challenges, and emerging and high-potential segments & geographies, among others.

-The study also presents a detailed review of the leading companies operating in the UAE Telehealth Market, where analysts have closely profiled leaders and put together data comprising their profiles, recent developments, prominent business strategies, initiatives, and mergers & acquisitions, among other parameters.

-Stakeholders or investors can get a hold of a detail-driven, accurate, and reliable information associated with the latest trends in the industry and strategically plan their investments in the future. 

-Nonetheless, with the availability of estimation of funds put in by private firms & governments for the swift expansion of this industry along with insights into market expansion across each segment & geographic location, is also covered in this report.

Growth Opportunity: Dubai Emerges as an Opportunistic Area with Rapid Advancements in Telehealth

Dubai has shown a tremendous growth pattern in the past few years with the active participation of the government in promoting telehealth care apart from traditional medical facilities. In view of this, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) came up with a smart service called ‘Doctor for Every Citizen. As a result, similar developments in Dubai are likely to accelerate in the coming years, owing to the growing awareness among consumers regarding the availability of online platforms for consulting medical professionals.

In addition, the possible strategic partnership with an aim to extend remote monitoring programs across end-stage renal disease, post-hospital discharge, home healthcare, elderly primary care, orthopedics, and oncology is projected to present the market leaders lucrative prospects in the coming years.

UAE Telehealth Market Segmentation:

The segmentation analysis in the report enlighten s stakeholders with information upon light the overall performance of the UAE Telehealth Market across different segments & geographies, using which they can strategize their investments to expand the brand visibility, product portfolio, & customer base and yield significant profits in the coming years.

Market Divided into, By Component


–Medical Peripheral Devices

—Blood Glucose Meter

—Pulse Oximeters

—Blood Pressure Monitors

—ECG Monitors

—Others (Weight Scale, Peak Flow Meters)

–Telemedicine Monitors


–Remote Patient monitoring (RPM)


–Real-time interaction


Market Divided into, By Mode of Delivery

-Web/App based

-Cloud based

-On premise

Market Divided into, By Application


-Patient Monitoring

-Medical Education

Market Divided into, By End Users




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The UAE Telehealth Market is highly fragmented, and geographically, it expands across:


-Abu Dhabi & AI Ain

-Sharjah & Northern Emirates

Competitive Landscape of the UAE Telehealth Market

This most prominent section of the report entails detailed insights into company profiles, investments & revenue generated, strategic initiatives, geographical presence, and production or service capacities, among other aspects. Every information stated here is a result of a thorough examination of key players & their hold in the industry to enable investors to make informed decisions in the future.

-Insta doctor


-Mubadala Health

-NextGen Healthcare


-Trydoc 24×7




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