PHOENIX, AZ / LAWTEGIC / JANUARY 10, 2022 / Valley Injury Law has opened an office in Phoenix to take on a recent spike in injuries resulting from traffic accidents throughout the region.

Founder Travis Meltzer, a practicing attorney in Arizona and Nevada, opened the firm amidst a population boom. He and his team have already recovered more than $25 million for their clients.

“The growth in the area is quite extraordinary,” Meltzer said. “When you have that many newcomers moving to a new state who aren’t familiar with traffic patterns, the roads, and perhaps even the traffic laws, it can cause chaos. And chaos brings this jump in accidents.”

Meltzer understands how frustrating it can be when someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing causes an injury. He emphasizes individual care and attention in every case he takes on, ensuring his clients get the best possible outcome while making sure they feel supported along the way.

That attitude has helped him become well-known for providing honest, straightforward legal advice and treating clients respectfully. From providing specific legal advice tailored to each client’s individual needs to maintain open lines of communication, Valley Injury Law goes above and beyond to be the best partner for its customers.

“I know it may sound repetitive, but we are here to support our clients during tough times by providing advice and guidance. That is something that has been missing for far too long in our industry.”

About Valley Injury Law

“I started this firm to do something very different in my industry—a lawyer fixated on developing a good relationship with our clients,” Meltzer said. “Most firms in our market are driven to pull through as many cases in as they can, processing them as fast as possible—just cranking them out. That may get good profits, but it leaves the clients behind.”

Meltzer experienced this treatment first-hand. After graduating from Arizona Summit Law School, he signed up to work as a lawyer for the auto insurance industry. There, the focus was also on ushering them through the system fast. “While I enjoyed litigating cases, I never felt very good about what I did. My job was to spend the least amount of the insurance company’s money as possible, and that often left a foul taste in my mouth.”

While putting his time in as an insurance defense litigator, learning the ins and outs of the business, he became an expert on how insurance companies work against their own customers for the lowest payout possible. Travis decided to utilize these skills to help people suffering through the negligence of others to give them a better outcome considering their injuries.

Taking the Hard Cases

That insider expertise provides an invaluable difference to his clients in the courtroom. Meltzer recently had a young woman come into his office who had been in an accident. Her first attorney dropped her case, then her second, because they doubted she would win any compensation.

“So, I picked it up,” Meltzer remembers. “She had broken both hips badly and really needed some long-term help. But within a month of working on it, we were able to get the policy limits from the person who hit her.” In the end, the strategy worked, and she won a sizeable payout, which she desperately needed. “It was one of those things where she was passed over for a couple of years. But our firm was able to get her a check for six figures. We took a shot and dunked it.”

“Being the counselor for these folks, l learned a lot from them about the type of support they need. That support is our primary purpose as personal injury advocates,” Meltzer added.

With offices in Arizona and Nevada, Valley Injury Law focuses almost exclusively on personal injury litigation and trial advocacy. Meltzer’s primary areas of practice include motor vehicle accidents, including motorcycle accidents and trucking collisions; premises liability; slip and fall; product liability; insurance, and bad faith.

Travis can be reached at (602) 753-8866 and [email protected]

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