If you’re feeling sick, immunocompromised, or don’t want to sit in a crowded waiting room for hours, an online prescription might be helpful and convenient.

Today, it is possible for board-certified physicians to prescribe a variety of prescriptions using an online session. Rather than traveling to a doctor’s office, you can virtually meet with a physician and get a prescription from the comfort and safety of your own home.

How to get a prescription online

You need to book an appointment with a qualified physician to get a prescription online. Typically, you can choose from a selection of male and female doctors with different specialties.

You can book an appointment if your primary physician’s office offers virtual appointments. Some urgent care providers also offer online appointments.

Next, you have to show up to your virtual appointment. You can speak with your doctor, and they will determine if providing a prescription online is necessary and possible.

If a prescription is recommended, your doctor can send it to a pharmacy of your choice, and you can go and pick it up. Or, sometimes, the pharmacy can deliver the prescription directly to your home.

What prescriptions can you get online?

Your doctor will ultimately decide if you can get your prescription online or need to see them in person. However, it’s common for certain prescriptions like birth control, allergy medications, antibiotics, diabetes medications, as well as refills of long-term prescriptions to get filled online.

On the other hand, physicians can not usually fill medications such as controlled substances online. Controlled substances are medications that tend to be addictive or have a history and current pattern of abuse. For this reason, these medications are more tightly controlled.

Hundreds of prescriptions fall into this category, including many anxiety medications, sleep aids, and pain relievers. Common examples include Ativan (lorazepam), Ambien (zolpidem), and Dilaudid (hydromorphone). If you require a prescription that falls into this category, you will likely need to schedule an in-person appointment with a physician.

It is possible to get a prescription online

While it is possible to get a prescription online, it is not guaranteed. If you know the medication you need, you can always check with the clinic or urgent care center to see if they can prescribe it online or if you must visit the physician in person.

Ultimately, the physician will have to determine whether the prescription is appropriate for you and if it is possible to get it online.

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