Many individuals feel that medical school is the best option for them. If you’re passionate about any aspect of the medical profession and want to get into it, then you may belong to this group.

Med school is expensive, though. If you pay for all of the costs associated with it yourself, then sometime in the future, you may find yourself having to consolidate and refinance medical school loans.

If you’re just getting started on your journey through medical school, you should know that there are certain ones that will offer you full-ride scholarships if you’re talented and lucky enough to get one. We’ll talk about some of those schools in the following article.

1. Duke University

The Duke University School of Medicine, located in Durham, North Carolina, offers full-ride scholarships to individuals who they deem worthy. These scholarships, like virtually all of the free rides offered by accredited colleges, are given on the basis of merit, as judged by the university higher-ups.

Generally, individuals who have shown outstanding academic promise are the ones who will land these prestigious spots. If you have good grades and demonstrate an aptitude for the medical profession throughout high school, there’s no harm in applying. Without a scholarship, the Duke School of Medicine can cost you as much as $63,000 per year, assuming you take all of the required courses.

2. Emory University

Emory University’s School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA, is another one that offers full-ride scholarships. Like Duke’s program, you’re competing with some of the country’s best and brightest if you’re hoping to land one of these highly sought-after scholarships.

The 2022-23 rate for this program is $26,500 per semester, so a free ride is quite valuable. You can apply to the program with a minimum high school GPA of 2.8, but you have a better chance if you record a GPA of 3.1 or better. For a realistic shot at getting one of the free-ride scholarships, you’ll probably need at least a 3.5.

3. The University of Michigan

Ann Arbor’s University of Michigan Medical School is another program that has free-ride scholarships available that are based on academic merit. In-state tuition fees for this program will cost you an average of $28,117, while out-of-state rates are a whopping $44,855.

That means the few free-ride scholarships available are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Since the University of Michigan Medical School is one of the most venerable in the entire country, thousands of applicants are competing for just a few spots.

If you’re going to apply, you had better be among the best of the best. The average GPA to get into the program is 3.88.

Apply for These Scholarships if You Have the Grades

The medical field is thriving, and it’s regarded as one of the decade’s can’t-miss growth industries. If you want to be on technology’s cutting edge and help humanity, you would be hard-pressed to come up with a better career path than getting a medical degree.

The cost of medical school might be prohibitive for some people, though, and landing one of the free-ride scholarships we mentioned can be a real lifesaver. The University of Michigan Medical School, Atlanta’s Emory University School of Medicine, and North Carolina’s Duke University School of Medicine are all options where you can apply for a free ride.

We’ve mentioned the competition for the few available spots, so make sure you have the grades if you’re going to seriously take a shot at landing one of these scholarships. Dedication to academics during high school, coupled with some relevant extracurricular activities, can make you a worthy candidate for a program director to consider.

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