Home security systems are essential to ensuring the security of a property. While they provide homeowners with peace of mind that their belongings and family are safe, they can also impart financial benefits. Security alarm systems along with motion sensor lights, reinforced doors, and more can provide monetary benefits for homeowners. Read on to learn more about the different ways home security systems can be a boon for finances.


Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Homeowners insurance helps pay for losses or damages to a home due to events such as theft, fire, or flood. With a burglary occurring nearly every 30 seconds in the United States, homeowners that install home security systems and other theft prevention features may benefit from a discount on their homeowner’s insurance premiums.

While discounts vary depending on the insurance carrier, policyholders with home security systems may see deductions of 2-15% on their premiums – which could amount to hundreds of dollars in savings yearly.


Prevents Costly Burglaries

Going hand-in-hand with insurance costs, diminishing or eliminating the threat of burglaries can help homeowners protect their assets. Studies have shown that security alarm systems can reduce the chances of a break-in by up to 90%, and security cameras can help deter intruders even more.

Since homeowners’ insurance does not typically reimburse policyholders for stolen personal effects such as artwork, jewelry, or collectibles, having a security system in place can significantly reduce the chances of being burglarized, potentially saving homeowners the cost of replacing stolen items.

Additionally, areas that experience a high rate of burglaries may also see a decrease in property value, making home security systems a solid investment to boost home and neighborhood property values when it comes time to sell.


Selling Point

When it comes time to sell a home, hard-wired security systems and other security features that won’t move with the seller can help increase its value on the market. Potential buyers often consider the security of a home before making an offer, so having these features in place could add more appeal to the property. A few examples of security features that can boost a home’s value and put more money in a seller’s pocket are:

  • Hard-wired security alarm systems (wired directly into a home’s electrical system, making them less prone to tampering than WiFi-connected units)
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Reinforced doors with deadbolt locks
  • Windows with pin or track locks
  • Windows and glass doors with polycarbonate safety shields (an overglaze that makes glass shatter-resistant)


Bottom Line

Installing home security systems with features such as alarm systems, motion sensor lights, window locks, and more is an often-overlooked way for homeowners to boost their finances. These features can add monetary value to a property and provide peace of mind for current and future homeowners that their families and possessions are secure. When searching for a system to fit their unique needs, homeowners are advised to consult with a security specialist and their insurance provider to find the best solutions for their home.

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