When it comes to protecting your home, outdoor security cameras are a must. They can help you keep an eye on who is coming and going and can provide evidence if someone tries to break into your home. But where should you install them? In this blog post, we will discuss the best places to install outdoor security cameras for optimal coverage.

 Best places to install outdoor cameras

  • Entryways including front, back, and side doors – Since approximately 30% of burglars enter homes through unlocked or poorly secured doors, placing an outdoor camera near all entryways is recommended. Placing outdoor cameras above and aimed at doorways can help you monitor who enters and exits your home, as well as allow you to identify any suspicious activity on your property.
  • Windows – Placing outdoor cameras near windows, especially first-floor windows, is another highly recommended area to place security devices. Outdoor cameras can help detect any attempted break-ins and, when coupled with window sensors and alarms, can help alert you when windows are opened or closed.
  • Driveways/Walkways – Cameras placed near driveways or walkways can help you keep an eye on any suspicious activity, such as loitering strangers or a package thief stealing packages from your doorstep. Additionally, placing outdoor cameras in the vicinity of detached garages and outdoor sheds can help protect valuable items stored in these areas, as burglars often target these storage structures for tools and other items that can be easily sold for cash.
  • Exterior stairways – Stairways are often hard to monitor and a great place for intruders to hide. Installing outdoor cameras near stairwells can help you monitor these areas.
  • Fences – Placing outdoor cameras near your fence can help you keep an eye on any activity around the perimeter of your property. This is especially beneficial if you have a large outdoor space that needs extra security coverage.

Outdoor camera placement tips

When installing your outdoor cameras, there are a few things you can do to maximize their effectiveness and performance:

  • Make sure outdoor cameras are positioned at a height of at least 7 feet and aimed slightly downwards to get an optimal view of the area while remaining out of reach of potential intruders.
  • Ensure outdoor cameras have unobstructed views and are not blocked by trees, bushes, or other objects.
  • Turn outdoor cameras away from bright lights and direct sunlight to prevent glare or overexposure.
  • For wired cameras, keep cables out of reach by running them behind walls or through the attic.
  • Clean outdoor camera lenses regularly to keep them free of debris and dirt.

Are there laws about where I should place my outdoor camera?

Different areas have different laws regarding outdoor cameras. In some cases, it may be illegal to place outdoor cameras in certain locations or point toward public areas. Be sure to check with your local jurisdiction before installing outdoor cameras to help ensure all regulations are being followed.

Bottom line: Outdoor camera placement

By following these outdoor camera installation tips, you can make sure your outdoor cameras are set up for optimal security coverage. Keep in mind that having multiple outdoor cameras is often a great way to ensure complete protection of your property. With the right placement and maintenance, outdoor cameras can be an invaluable asset in protecting your home against potential intruders.

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