TargEDys and Prodfra just signed an exclusive marketing and distribution agreement to bring Crescylia, a food supplement based on the precision probiotic Lactiplantibacillus plantarum WJL to the Vietnamese market.


Crescylia is a formulation containing vitamin D3, acacia fiber and a precision probiotic, LpWJL, with a characterized mechanism of action at the molecular level: it supports the absorption of protein thanks to the stimulation of peptidase gene expression and NOD2 activation. Its efficacy in growth was demonstrated in several preclinical studies in fruit flies and mice.

It is a new, natural, safe, and effective solution to support children’s growth and an award-winning product, elected best nutrition research project of the year 2021 by the internationally-recognized NutraIngredients Awards.

Grégory Lambert, CEO of TargEDys:

“We are excited about this collaboration with Prodfra to bring Crescylia in Asia for the first time. Vietnam, with its 100 million population and 31 million children, is in high demand for growth products, and this partnership is the perfect synergy where TargEDys brings science and quality, and Prodfra’s team offers their deep know-how in marketing and distribution for premium specialties.”

Ms Ly Conesa, CEO of Prodfra:

“From the early days of establishment, Prodfra has aimed to become a reliable and high capacity supplier of various products for international customers. We have firmly committed to our statement. We want to promote and develop French products in Vietnam and in Asia. It is a happiness for us to collaborate with TargEDys on Crescylia in Vietnam. Vietnam has a very opportunistic market and Crescylia is for us a strategic product to develop there because of its quality of proven scientific research. Vietnam still faces a high rate of child malnutrition compared to the rest of the world. We think this is a mission for us to contribute to helping Vietnamese children to enjoy food supplement products like Crescylia to help them get a proper diet to grow taller normally like the children in France and in the world.”

 About Prodfra – “Production Française”

Prodfra is a family company based in France and specialized in the importation of high-quality French products in Asia and particularly in Vietnam, with experience in the pharmaceutical industrial sector, and a range of food supplements, some of which are already marketed in Vietnam. From healthcare to baby products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical equipment and beyond, Prodfra offers their customers real French quality and assists them in understanding and following the customs procedures in order to get French products to reach their final destination. With a strong culture of the Asian marketplace and marketing, including to nurseries, schools, clinics, hospitals, pediatricians, nutritionists, pharmacies, and retailers, as well as digital promotion and TV, Prodfra and their associates Truong Bao Land invest in their parters’ brands and have a perfect position to endorse this children’s growth innovative supplement.

More information at www.prodfra.com

About TargEDys® – “From Probiotics to PreciBiomics”

TargEDys® is a commercial-stage French biotech specialized in the development of nutraceutical solutions for the control of appetite through microbiome interventions. The company is the fruit of 20 years of research on the microbiota conducted within academic laboratories. The team developed and started the commercialization of a first product based on the precision probiotic strain Hafnia alvei HA4597 which efficacy in weight and appetite has been clinically demonstrated. Targedys® develops a product portfolio focusing on overweight, undernutrition, and mental health, all based on the concept of PreciBiomic strains backed by a molecular mechanism of action and in vivo studies.

More information at www.targedys.com

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Name: Nina Vinot
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Job Title: Marketing Manager