TargEDys and IFA Celtics just signed an exclusive marketing and distribution agreement to bring ProbioSatys, a food supplement based on the next-generation probiotic Hafnia alvei HA4597 to the Mexican market.


ProbioSatys (also branded EnteroSatys and Satylia in other countries) is a precision probiotic supplement with a characterized mechanism of action at the molecular level: it increases the feeling of fullness thanks to the ability of the probiotic protein ClpB to mimic the satiety hormone alpha-MSH. Its efficacy was demonstrated in a clinical trial involving 230 overweight adults. It is a new, natural, safe and effective solution to weight management and a multi-award winner – including Best Probiotic of the Year 2021 by the internationally-recognized NutraIngredients Awards.

Grégory Lambert, CEO of TargEDys:

“We are delighted to partner with a company that has such an in-depth medical approach to weight management. IFA Celtics is a perfect fit to endorse the scientific mode of action and to raise awareness among healthcare professionals about the benefits such a precision probiotic can bring to the table of metabolic health management.”

Alan Smithers, CEO of IFA Celtics :

“As the leading company in weight management IFA CELTICS is always looking for the most innovative solutions for Physicians to help Mexican patients, we are sure that this partnership will deliver new opportunities for many people with an overweight condition.”

About IFA Celtics – “Un equipo por la vida”

IFA Celtics is a Mexican pharmaceutical company with more than 55 years of experience and a headcount of over 800 employees. Leading player in metabolic health, obesity, and overweight in Mexico, across drugs and dietary supplements categories, IFA Celtics offers a wide range of solutions and accompanies patients medically all along their weight loss journey. The development strategy counts on building strategic alliances to introduce effective novel molecules, technologies, and products in the market. The company capitalizes on a historic position in the market, with a recognized sales force trained and specialized in metabolic health and solid relationships with specialists, patients, and consumers.

More information at www.ifaceltics.com.mx

About TargEDys® – “From Probiotics to PreciBiomics”

TargEDys® is a commercial-stage French biotech specialized in the development of nutraceutical solutions for the control of appetite through microbiome interventions. The company is the fruit of 20 years of research on the microbiota conducted within academic laboratories. The team developed and started the commercialization of a first product based on the precision probiotic strain Hafnia alvei HA4597™ which efficacy in weight and appetite has been clinically demonstrated. Targedys® develops a product portfolio focusing on overweight, undernutrition, and mental health, all based on the concept of PreciBiomic strains backed by a molecular mechanism of action and in vivo studies.

More information at www.targedys.com

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