DENVER, COLORADO—March 20th, 2023 — Proof, a cutting-edge legal-tech platform facilitating the service of legal documents, recently unveiled its integration with MyCase, a leading legal practice management software system. The native integration is embedded in MyCase, enabling customers to conveniently access Proof’s legal document delivery feature.

Proof’s process serving platform establishes a direct link between law firms and highly skilled process servers for the delivery of legal documents. With Proof’s extensive nationwide reach, documents are delivered across all 50 states in the U.S. to ensure fast and transparent legal document delivery, resulting in efficient and streamlined processes.

Through this integration, MyCase customers can effortlessly serve anyone using Proof’s nationwide process servers. With just a few clicks, serve requests can be generated in seconds to serve complaints, summons, petitions, notices, and subpoenas both locally and across the country. Legal professionals receive real-time status updates, ensuring complete transparency at each stage of the process, and have the ability to communicate with their assigned server directly within MyCase. Upon successful delivery, proof of service, invoices, and expenses are automatically saved in MyCase for seamless record-keeping.

“MyCase offers an unparalleled cloud-based solution for law firm management, allowing small to medium-sized law firms to efficiently manage communication with their clients and streamline daily business operations. We at Proof are thrilled to have our platform integrated directly into MyCase, providing firms with an additional avenue to maximize their operational efficiencies. Embedding Proof directly into MyCase’s legal practice management software is critical in ensuring seamless access to document delivery, precisely where lawyers manage their legal matters,” said Eric Voogt, Proof’s Founder and CEO.

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Proof and MyCase can significantly impact a law firm’s financial performance. Proof’s Cost Savings Calculator shows firms can save 1,800 hours annually in administrative tasks, equating to $81,000 annually. The reallocation of billable revenue could also reach $405,000 annually. By streamlining processes, this integration can enhance law firms’ financial performance.

Proof’s Founder and CEO, Voogt, expressed frustration with the traditional process of finding a process server, which can be laborious and time-consuming for lawyers and paralegals. The integration of Proof with MyCase offers a streamlined approach to document delivery, providing legal professionals with an unparalleled, seamless experience. Voogt believes this integration bears considerable significance for legal practitioners by providing a comprehensive solution for document delivery and transforms their process serving operations within MyCase.

“At MyCase, we’re always looking for ways to improve our platform and provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed,” said Dru Armstrong, CEO of AffiniPay, parent company of MyCase and LawPay. “That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Proof, which integrates cutting-edge technology into MyCase that helps our customers locate process servers with ease. We’re excited to see how our customers will use this integration to enhance their process serving operational efficiencies and deliver high-quality legal services to their clients.” 

About Proof

Proof is transforming the process serving landscape through cutting-edge legal technology. The company has developed a robust web-based platform that provides an instantaneous connection between law firms and process servers across the country. With Proof’s platform, law firms can generate serve requests electronically, 24/7, and receive real-time updates on the status of the process. The platform also provides mapped verification of all attempts and facilitates direct communication between law firms and servers through the Live Chat feature. Proof’s technology enables users to obtain time and date-stamped proof of successful service and a notarized affidavit from the server, ensuring legal compliance.

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About MyCase

MyCase is complete legal practice management software designed for the modern law firm. MyCase covers the entire client lifecycle with Lead Management, Case Management, Billing and Invoicing, and robust Reporting. It includes market-leading features such as integrated Payments, 2-way text messaging, and the MyCase Client Portal to centralize client communication and share files securely. In 2022, MyCase was acquired by AffiniPay, parent company of LawPay, the market-leading payments platform. The AffiniPay family of brands includes MyCase, Soluno, CASEpeer, Docketwise, LawPay, and Woodpecker. Learn more at

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