Locals and tourists alike flock to Florida for memorable, romantic, and breathtaking experiences. The sprawling waves crashing against beautiful sandy shores are a sunset away from being the perfect picturesque moment to drop down on one knee and propose to your partner. But before you get there, you’d better make sure you thought of everything.

Picking an outfit or choosing an event or location is the least of your concerns. Have you found a reputable photographer who’ll be able to capture your newest favorite memory without giving your plan away? Are you meeting your partner’s expectations for how they envisioned their proposal would happen? Have you scheduled a haircut and teeth whitening appointment with the barber and dentist- Jacksonville, FL , has plenty to keep you looking fresh before you pop the question, after all.

Let’s take a look at some definite to-do’s before you take the next big step toward the rest of your life.

Top 5 Things to Do Before You Propose

  1. The single most important thing to do before an engagement is to confirm you’re both on the same page about your relationship. While surprise proposals are sometimes exciting, they shouldn’t come out of the blue. Speak to your partner about how you both feel about marriage, your hopes and dreams for a family, and whether you’re both thinking of sharing a future together.
  2. Talk to your partner’s parents. While this tradition may be old-fashioned, it can help solidify and maintain a relationship with your future fiance’s parents. Let them know you’re planning to propose, speak to some of the expectations of your union, and how excited you are to join their family.
  3. Buy the ring. You may do this together, pick up hints dropped your way, bring one of your to-be fiance’s friends along, or venture out on your own to choose something you love. Make sure the ring is within your budget, and consider sustainable options for a more mindful and holistic proposal. Then, keep the ring safe, and somewhere your partner won’t find it.
  4. Plan the proposal. Give some thought to how you’re going to pop the question, including full-name variations versus pet- or first-name alternatives. Consider your partner’s personality and what they would—or wouldn’t—enjoy. Try to make the proposal personal and memorable. And don’t freak out; prepare notes and practice what you’ll say and do before the big moment.
  5. Find the right moment. When everything feels right, ask the question. Having a photographer ready (either a friend or a pro) may be able to help take amazing photos you can cherish forever.

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