SAN MATEO, California and CHICAGO, Illinois — May 17, 2023 —  PRConnect, a leading content syndication and amplification service provider, today announced the official launch of PRVerified, its blockchain-based verification system for the syndication of press releases.

Participating in the launch are leading online content publishers including 24-7 Press Release, iCrowdNewswire, KISS PR Brand Story Newswire and News Direct.

PRVerified will provide readers with ready access to both the syndicated copy of the press release and the original source copy.  The initial hash of the release is posted on the blockchain and can be rehashed through an intuitive, single-click interface to check for a match.  The immutability of the blockchain enables PRConnect to achieve this level of irrefutable verification at the point of syndication.

“PRConnect and its newswire partners are excited about developing and launching this innovative solution for press releases,” said Wing Yu, CEO of PRConnect. “For over fifty years, the press release industry has relied on self-certified reports to convey that press releases are being distributed intact.  With blockchain technology, we can now provide greater transparency into the content syndication process while giving all participants the tools to verify that press releases have been distributed in a tamper-proof manner.”

PRVerified is NCVP-compatible using the recommended SHA-256 one-way cryptographic hash function to tokenize the original instance of the press release.  Rather than storing the hashes in a private database, PRVerified leverages blockchain’s inherent transparency and decentralization to store and share the hashes.

After carefully considering various blockchain networks for reliability, sustainability, speed, transaction price, and overall environmental impact, PRConnect has chosen to post all of its hashes on the Peercoin blockchain. PRConnect partnered with the Peercoin Foundation to conceptualize and analyze the commercial viability of PRVerified and to design, develop, test and optimize the blockchain components of the application.

“PRConnect’s latest initiative is perfectly aligned with our mission at News Direct to use technology to reimagine the way that press releases are distributed,” said Gregg Castano, founder and CEO of News Direct, a leading wire services with over 1,000 clients worldwide.

“We are thrilled to partner with innovators like PRConnect that are using blockchain technology to build trust and generate more visibility for our clients,” said Qamar Zaman, founder of KISS PR which helps brands and content marketers bring stories to life on major news media sites.

“We are excited to be part of a revolutionary technology that is long over due in this industry,” says Michael Iwasaki, founder of 24-7 Press Release Newswire. “PRConnect is leading the way with its blockchain-verification system that adds more credibility to our press release distribution company,” continued Iwasaki.

PRVerified is now available for all of PRConnect’s clients and can be activated within one business day.  It can also be accessed as a widget associated with the press release’s GUID and deployed on any Web2 site or Web3 dApp.  In fact, PRVerified is already actively verifying releases on the 100 local media sites of the GoMedia Network.   PRVerified will be a key component in an enhanced dashboard for wire services and content marketers that will be launched by PRConnect this summer.

“It’s a pleasure to partner with PRConnect on this leading-edge improvement for the press release distribution industry,” said Sonia LaFountain, iCrowdNewswire COO. “This technology aligns directly with iCrowdNewswire’s re-invention of press release distribution and goal to ensure customers reach their target audience,” commented LaFountain.

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