This week, Plethora Businesses was honored with the Patriotic Employer award by the ESGR arm of the Department of Defense.

Plethora’s COO, Dora Lanza, recognizes that “this award reminds us that freedom has a price, and we cannot take for granted those things we treasure.”

The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve agency seeks to educate stateside employers of the benefits and unique opportunities when employing a Guardsman or Reservist, as a significant portion of the U.S. military consists of those individuals. Fostering the citizen-military relationship is key to attracting and maintaining talent in our military and encouraging service to our nation.



“By accepting this award, Plethora Businesses is recognized for valuing the employment and military service of these heroic individuals working at the forefront of our national security,” said John Goosman from ESGR. We appreciate the dedication that service members transfer to and from the workplace and we aim to continue supporting this relationship.

We support our employees whose duties also require them to serve our Nation. Each bestowed Patriotic Employer award comes with the duty and responsibility to be supportive of National Guard and Reserve employees, aim to hire more of them, and ultimately continue promoting a fluid relationship between military and home front.


“We are grateful to be honored with this distinction,”

states Plethora’s CEO, George Lanza.

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