Lake Worth, FL Orivet has announced an exciting online “Thank You” contest to recognize outstanding animal Shelters. Winners will be featured on the web, in press releases, and on Orivet’s social media, as well as receiving gift baskets for the shelter.

Oriavet Genetic Pet Care, a leader in DNA testing for domestic dogs and cats, has announced that they will be holding a contest celebrating the dedication and love of animal Shelters and Centers that help homeless animals around the world. Participants can get involved by sharing about their animals, facilities, and volunteers, and posting pictures.

Since 2010, Orivet has offered a range of genetic services to breeders, veterinarians, and pet owners that include screening of genetic diseases, coat colors, traits, parentage confirmation, breed identification, and more. Genetic testing can be a valuable tool for shelters helping ensure that each animal can find their perfect home.

Aimed at highlighting the dedication it takes to keep Shelters and Clinics running, the competition shines a spotlight on the work that animal centers do that can often go unrecognized. Winners will be rewarded with a feature in Orivet’s “Thank You” contest Press Release and a spotlight on the Orivet website, as well as being featured in social media posts and an article about the winners and honorable mentions. In addition, each winning Shelter will receive a basket filled with various useful gifts, including one of Orivet’s DNA testing kits.

The contest will be open from October 5th to November 18th, and winners will be announced on November 23rd.

To submit an entry to the contest, please click here.

About Orivet Genetic Pet Care

Orivet Genetic Pet Care is a leading personalized-medicine organization offering innovative health care solutions for breeders, veterinarians, and pet owners. The organization was founded in 2010, on the premise that each pet is unique, with its own set of specific traits, behaviors, genetic health needs, and inherent risks. Orivet works with veterinarians, pet owners, and responsible pet breeders to provide practical, evidence-based platforms focused on identifying risk and improving clinical outcomes.

To learn more about Orivet visit or visit to enter the contest.

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