HONG KONG, October 8, 2022 — OneSeed, a sustainability news and software company, today launches its green content engagement platform and community, that rewards engagement by planting trees.

The OneSeed news portal provides insight and news stories on environmental, social, and governance (ESG)-related topics such as green technology, ESG investing, carbon capture, and net zero.

OneSeed’s content engagement platform allows its clients to host landing pages and other long-form sales and marketing content. Trees are planted as a reward for audience engagement with content, helping its clients to:• Run carbon-negative marketing campaigns that showcase the company and its solutions• Demonstrate commitment to offsetting carbon and achieving net zero emissions• Integrate their carbon offsets from marketing activities into ESG reporting tools

“Reducing carbon footprint is one of the highest priorities for many companies today. They must walk the talk, by both enhancing their ESG efforts and behaving in environmentally responsible ways across their organizations,” said Ray Horan, CEO of OneSeed. “OneSeed provides a highly relevant home for content about all aspects of the environment, social, and governance standards and practices. And activity on the platform plants trees to help offset the environmental impact of marketing.”

OneSeed officially launches at the ReThink Sustainable Business Forum & Solutions Expo in Hong Kong on October 5th and 6th. The team is at booth number SU24 where they will be providing demos of the platform, and conducting interviews with sustainability-focused companies attending the conference.

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