Verified Tree Planting Turns Marketing Actions into Climate Action

Hong Kong, May 2, 2024 – OneSeed, a marketing sustainability technology leader, today launched a platform for agencies to easily integrate tree planting for carbon offsets into marketing and communications campaigns as a reward for engagement. Brands and their agencies are increasingly looking for ways to embed sustainability into their products and campaigns. Reducing their carbon footprints is the ultimate goal, but getting to zero is a very long path. In the meantime, carbon offsets such as tree planting are an effective way to bridge the gap.

Digital marketing has a large data centre carbon footprint, and marketing events generate all sorts of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. OneSeed helps agencies respond to consumer demand for sustainability by adding tree planting into their clients’ marketing communications activities.

OneSeed offers a flexible plug-in solution to build carbon offsets into marketing initiatives with full transparency and good governance. Real-time dashboards track verified tree plantings both for individual consumer users and at the brand level, providing photos and detailed GPS-tagged forest information on tree location, species, time and date of planting, and carbon captured. One Seed’s APIs allow agencies to gamify any call-to-action trigger response with the gift of a planted tree, fully integrated with marketing technology stacks including the Qualtrics survey platform.

OneSeed’s campaign tools for advertising, marketing, media, and creative services agencies reward specific marketing actions such as digital clicks; event registration, attendance, and feedback; CRM and customer loyalty engagement via QR codes.

“74% of consumers are willing to switch their preferred brands based on how sustainable they are, according to KPMG” said Ray Horan, CEO of OneSeed. “We capture and transform reforestation project tree-planting data into a rich end-user experience that enables agencies to meaningfully engage with their clients’ consumers.”

One Seed has worked with such clients as JLL, ReThink HK, Green FinTech Week, Walkers and TEDx. In addition to Qualtrics, OneSeed partners with ERM, Great Place to Work.

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