Public Encouraged To Vote, As Winning Nurse To Receive $250,000


  • The general public voting system is now open to select the winner of the 2023 Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award
  • 10 finalist nurses have been selected from more than 52,000 entries across 202 countries
  • The grand winner will be awarded $250,000 at the ceremony in London, to be held on International Nurses Day (12 May 2023)
  • Panama nurse finalist, Gloria Itzel Ceballo Batista among the top 10 finalists
  • Public Voting link –


April 11, 2023: The voting system is now open for the public to cast their votes for the 2023 Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award, and select a grand winner.


Last week, it was announced that Panama nurse, Gloria Itzel Ceballo Batista, has been selected as a finalist, joining another nine who were chosen from more than 52,000 entries from 202 countries.

With more than 25 years’ nursing experience, Gloria has been focused on the field of nursing education since her college days – developing an educational program in the bone marrow transplant unit, which has now been introduced at her hospital, Hospital del Niño Doctor José Renán Esquivel. Her work with the Global Alliance of St. Jude in Memphis, USA, contributed to cancer patient safety and longevity. She also works with WHO to help develop care guidelines at the national level.

Speaking on this, Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare said, “Millions of nurses across the world are working hard every single day to serve their patients and form the core of the healthcare eco-system. Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award is our way of acknowledging their dedication and recognizing their work. This year, with more than 50,000 nurses vying for the coveted award, it has been a hard task for the eminent Jury members to shortlist the top 10 outstanding nurses. Each of the finalists have a remarkable trajectory and have made significant contribution to the field of nursing. We wish each of them all the very best.”

Gloria will join the other nine finalists and face a public voting process, followed by final evaluation by the Grand Jury judging panel. The ceremony will take place on Friday 12th May – International Nurses Day – with the award winner set to receive US $250,000 in prize money.



  • Gloria Itzel Ceballo Batista, Hospital Del Niño Dr. José Renán Esquivel

Gloria was deeply focused on the field of nursing education right from her college days. While she was completing her master’s degree, Gloria developed an educational program for nurses in the bone marrow transplant unit. Years later, this program has also been introduced at her hospital – Hospital del Niño Doctor José Renán Esquivel.

She started by teaching general paediatrics and blood component management, and later moved on to teaching paediatric oncology. Gloria also runs a systematized programme for nurses newly assigned to the oncology unit which consists of two weeks of theoretical training and two more weeks of practical application. She has empowered multitudes of families so that they can improve patient care and survival. She currently trains nurses in the application of granulocyte colony stimulants for the safety and benefit of children, nurses, and patients.

With more than 25 years’ experience, she is also a member of several international organizations, such as the Paediatric Hematology Association of Central America, AHOPCA. Her work with the Global Alliance of St. Jude, Memphis, USA, contributed to cancer patient safety and longevity. She also works with WHO to help develop care guidelines at the national level. She was also named a winner at the Global Power of Oncology Nurses and the UKONS Oncology Nursing Society in 2022.



Anna Qabale Duba was the first graduate from her village and the only educated child in her family. During her nursing studies, she won the Miss Tourism Kenya 2013. She used her influence to advocate for gender equality and education in her community. Under the Qabale Duba Foundation, she built a school in her village where children could study in the morning and adults in the afternoon. She chose education because she understood that illiteracy held people back from learning new things and changing harmful cultural norms.

 Apart from learning to read and write, women at the school learned about the importance of antenatal care, skilled deliveries, and Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights. These initiatives got recognition locally and internationally, including winning the Waislitz Global Citizen’s Choice award of $50,000 in 2019. Additionally, the results from this noble endeavour were quite evident. Female genital mutilations and early marriage had reduced tremendously. The largely pastoral community opened-up to women giving birth in hospitals. More mothers started sending their daughters to school.

Nurse Qabale made tangible transformations in her home community, across multiple dimensions of society. Now, the success of her actions is inspiring other people to follow suit.



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