Building a Career with a Criminal Record

Albuquerque, NM [December 6, 2022] — For those with a felony criminal record, finding a rewarding career is often a difficult task. Many employers, especially private companies, don’t allow felons to work for them, even if their record is old or they have served their time. In New Mexico, private employers can consider criminal history only after they review the candidate’s initial application and discuss employment with them. Unfortunately, there is such a negative stigma attached to criminal records that they are unlikely to consider a previous felon. To assist previous felons with their job search, New Mexico Criminal Law Offices has compiled a list of common jobs that those with criminal records can pursue, as well as some resources to help them with the process.

Depending on their background, felons have many avenues for attaining a great career. In addition, there are several organizations and legal paths that allow a felon to pursue a rewarding career. 

Common Jobs That Hire Felons

Although a felony record does prevent applicants from having certain jobs, such as education or banking, there are other careers that don’t automatically disqualify felons. Here are some of the most common jobs that felons successfully apply to even with a criminal record.

Truck Driver

One of the most common jobs that felons can qualify for is truck driving. In New Mexico, the average salary for a truck driver is $47,021 per year. Many of these jobs are offered by retailers or manufacturers who ship things across the country. While it does require you to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), it takes only a few weeks to learn. Most importantly, it doesn’t require a college degree.

HVAC Technician

Another job that felons frequently train for is HVAC, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC technicians are responsible for maintaining these systems in homes, businesses, and other important facilities. As a result, almost every state requires some sort of licensing or certification to be a HVAC technician. According to, HVAC technicians in Albuquerque make an average of $43,589 annually


Not all cooking jobs have the same requirements. Despite this, it remains a popular option for previous felons. While some restaurants require a culinary certification or degree, others do not. As such, the pay varies greatly depending on the employer and the job. For example, line cooks in New Mexico make only about $28,691 on average, while cooks at fancy restaurants or hotels make an average of $44,358.

Marketing Specialist

Believe it or not, there are also office jobs that are open to felons, particularly in marketing. In this role, you are responsible for overseeing marketing projects involving social media, email advertising, or digital advertising. According to Glassdoor, Marketing Specialists in Albuquerque make an average of $61,761 per year. This makes it a great option for those willing to pursue further education.

Organizations That Help Felons with Their Career

While there are some jobs that hire felons, it doesn’t change the fact that some employers simply don’t want to hire anyone with a criminal record. This can be incredibly damaging to those looking to move past their mistakes. Thankfully, there are organizations that help felons with their job search:

  • helps find information about expunging or sealing criminal records.
  • Jail to Job lists companies that hire ex-offenders and hosts job postings for felons.
  • is a U.S. Department of Labor program that helps felons find job search resources.

These are just a few places where you can find assistance with your job search.If you need additional information, New Mexico Criminal Law Offices has a more extensive list of jobs for felons, which you can visit here.


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