SEATTLE, WA, May 30, 2023 — Trucking Injury Law Group, a new personal injury group exclusively dedicated to handling commercial trucking wreck cases along the West Coast, is proud to unveil its website today as well as begin accepting new clients. This venture is the brainchild of three preeminent lawyers hailing from some of the West Coast’s most reputable law firms. The founding members are:

Between the three attorneys, they bring decades of experience handling complex truck wreck claims and other types of personal injury claims as well as a history of obtaining case verdicts and settlements that reach up to hundreds of millions of dollars. They joined forces to truly help victims and the families of victims who have been devastated by truck wrecks that often result due to negligence from truckers or trucking agencies.

They are all equally passionate about obtaining justice for victims of wrecks and strongly believe that truck collisions involving massive commercial big rigs are not “accidents” since they are entirely preventable. They are also all equally passionate about strengthening their local communities and empowering truck wreck survivors however they can.

Kevin Coluccio, co-founder and trial lawyer at Trucking Injury Law Group, has this to say regarding the group’s goals and their powerful three-man team, which the group proudly refers to as a “Super Team”:

“Our team is committed to holding negligent trucking companies and drivers accountable. We have years of experience handling truck accident claims and providing the victims of these accidents with the justice that they deserve.”

Kevin Coluccio is one of only a handful of attorneys in the country who is nationally certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Truck Accident Law.

Lincoln Sieler, co-founder and trial attorney, has this to add:

“Our team is unwavering in its commitment to the pursuit of justice. Clients are not just cases; they are individuals whose lives have been profoundly impacted by events beyond their control. In every case we take on, we are guided by a singular mission: to obtain justice for our clients. This means not only seeking the best possible outcome in court but also making sure that our clients are heard, their experiences validated, and their dignity upheld. This is more than just a profession; it is our passion and our calling.”

Trucking Injury Law Group is currently offering its legal services to residents in states along the West Coast, including Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, California, and Utah. To learn more about Trucking Injury Law Group, please visit the firm’s website at

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