Searching for a trading platform that accurately scans worldwide marketplaces, identifying profitable trade opportunities? According to the designers of Immediate Edge, this trading software is 98.9% accurate at doing just that! This cryptocurrency trading software is safe to use and has a plethora of benefits and features.

Keep reading to learn more about how Immediate Edge works, how to make an account, the pros/cons, and FAQs so you can determine for yourself if this crypto trading platform is right for your needs.

About Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is all about scanning global marketplaces and price data to provide users with insight for profitable trading. As an automated crypto trading robot, Immediate Edge can also execute trading instructions.

What does that mean for you? Well, as Immediate Edge processes a sizable amount of data rapidly, spots patterns, and executes sub-second trades. Not only can you benefit from these smart features, but you can always stay ahead in an increasingly automated market.

Your trading robot will work endlessly for you, searching for profitable opportunities and executing trades that benefit you.

How does the bot pull this off? By working with regulated third-party cryptocurrency brokers, and they do so as a web app integrated into MT4 traders to execute trading and access your funds. More about this is below!

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The Creators of Immediate Edge

Are you worried some hackers created this platform as a ploy to steal your money? You couldn’t be more wrong. A team of developers and Wall Street traders with years of experience in the crypto market made Immediate Edge.

This knowledgeable team follows the market and updates the robot’s algorithm to become more sensitive to those price changes. The growing number of cryptocurrency brokers makes Immediate Edge available to traders in the supported countries.

How Does Immediate Edge Work?

Immediate Edge’s creators made a trading bot powered by an AI algorithm to spot patterns and trends in the cryptocurrency market by analyzing historical price data. After noticing a repetition of an identified pattern, the bot will execute profitable trades following your parameters. You get to set the parameters based on your trading strategy, such as entry levels, exit levels and stop losses. The bot will always follow these directives at all times and trade on your behalf.

You only need to set up your trading strategy once, and then the bot will handle any analysis before trading and making a profit. Withdrawal options are available after you earn a profit, and you will receive your funds within 24 hours. For profitable accounts, you must pay a 2% withdrawal charge.

Working with regulated crypto brokers in various countries, you can keep your earnings with your broker or give the bot access. By regulating through the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC), you can have peace of mind knowing your funds remain safe.

Pros and Cons of Immediate Edge

Like all other crypto trading platforms and bots, there are several good things and not-so-good things about Immediate Edge.


  • Automated Trading
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Flexible Deposit Options – bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal
  • Use for Profit from Crypto Arbitrage Opportunities
  • Integration with Multiple, Regulated Brokers
  • No Commissions
  • No Trading Fees


  • Minimum Deposit of $250
  • Must Deposit Before Accessing Demo Trading Features
  • Fewer Cryptocurrency Trading Options – BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP
  • Specific Brokers for Trading
  • Unverified High Return Rate
  • No Immediate Edge App

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Key Features of Immediate Edge

High Success Rate

This automated trading bot claims to have a success rate of nearly 99%. That means that 99% of automated trades made by the bot are successful. This figure is hard to achieve, but not impossible, as many third-party reviews seem to corroborate this notion since the algorithm is constantly upgraded to suit changing markets.

Beginner-Friendly Interface

Everyone — from seasoned traders to crypto newbies — is welcome to sign up for this top-rated crypto trading bot. You can set up your trading strategy in no time and monitor trades. Then the robot will be self-sufficient and do its thing. More complex strategies are available for pros, as they can have control via manual mode.

Logical, Automated Trading

After receiving your directive trading strategy, the Immediate Edge robot will run without bias. There will be no judgment when trading more silly mistakes skipping or forgetting data. Because everything is automated, you won’t have to monitor your trades like regular ones. You can finally enjoy trading as a passive activity.

Tight Risk Management

After you set your risk management parameters, the robot will never breach them. That means you can rest assured knowing you won’t expose yourself to risk all the while the bot is working to increase profits on your behalf.

Sub-Second Trades

Stop wasting your time and energy and enjoy sub-second trades with Immediate Edge. That means the bot can execute a trade in a fraction of a second. It’s super helpful during peak trading times — and for scalping. You can leverage opportunities unavailable to other lay traders by using drop-downs for minute time frames.

A Global Reach

Immediate Edge is available in 150 countries, including parts of Africa and Asia, thanks to the creators’ relationships with multiple brokers worldwide.

Demo Accounts

Thanks to demo accounts on Immediate Edge, you can test your trade before using actual money. Feel free to try new strategies or refine old ones before going live. Remember, though, that you must make your initial deposit before having access to demo accounts.

Excellent Customer Support

With 24/7 customer service, you can expect high-quality support from Immediate Edge. The friendly service staff is available to help you set up an account, answer inquiries, and fix any issues you might come across. You can also chat with them live.

No Fees

Never pay a trading fee on Immediate Edge. The zero-fee structure branches out to commission and account management fees, too, so everything is completely free for you to use in terms of registration and deposit.

Fast and Easy Withdrawals

On weekdays, Immediate Edge processes withdrawals within 24 hours. You are charged a 2% withdrawal rate if you have a profitable account.

Ready to Get Begin? Start Trading in 3 Steps

  1. Open a Free Immediate Edge Account

You will need to make a personal account to get into Immediate Edge’s app. Simply provide your full name, email address, phone number, and other necessary info before creating a strong password to make an account.

  1. Make a Deposit

After you verify your Immediate Edge account, you have to make a deposit to activate everything. The minimum deposit is $250, and you can complete this step using a VISA or Mastercard, bank transfers, or SEPA. You can make deposits in major fiat currencies, such as ADU, CAD, JPY, and EUR, or using electronic wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

  1. Start Trading on Immediate Edge

You will receive an in-app message or email notification after your deposit is accepted. Set up your withdrawal preferences as well as how you prefer to take your money. You can now start trading.

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How to Trade with Immediate Edge

When it comes to trading, are you a newbie?

You can try a demo account on Immediate Edge to become more familiar with the site. The demo is an affordable way to try out trading strategies if you are new to this. You can see how the robot would perform if it was a real trade.

Are you new to trading? You might want to give the demo accounts a try so you can become familiar with the platform. You can test strategies and see how it would play out if you really went for it.

Next, you will need to formulate a trading strategy. That way, if you select full automation, you can allow the bot to handle the trading functions and analysis. Try to stick to simple parameters as you develop your trading strategy. Consider entry and exit levels along with stop losses. These

specifications will direct the bot to what you want to buy and the amount of profit to look for. Plus, it knows when/if you start to take a loss, how to close it.

Once you have your strategy set, let the bot trade for some days and then check to see if that strategy yields the desired result. If not, you can access the demo account and make tweaks.

Thanks to the full automation feature, you won’t need to fully understand complicated cryptocurrency CFDs and technical analysis. However, seasoned traders still have the option to set up sophisticated trading strategies and have more control over the process by turning off the automatic mode and going manual.

Is Immediate Edge a Scam or Safe?

This automated trading robot is legit! Immediate Edge ensures all customers pass KYC while the website stays secure with up-to-date SSL certificates, so your data is safe.

Working with international regulated brokers, you can rest assured that your funds are safe and sound in a regulated environment. Although there is a risk with trading in general, the smart bot follows your strategy and is known for giving profitable signals. There are no reports about missing funds or suspicious activity on Immediate Edge.

Tips for Using Immediate Edge Safely and Managing Risk

Even though working with an automated crypto trading bot seems straightforward, you should approach this new endeavor with tact and diligence. Check out some essential tips for using Immediate Edge and trading in general.

Start Small

Never dive head-first into anything, especially if you are new to trading. You should start small and limit your exposure. Instead, you can open an account with Immediate Edge, deposit your $250, and try out demo accounts. Gain experience and understanding of the market, and slowly increase your trading capital. You will most likely be able to grow these investments and be in a solid position to manage them. Investing a considerable amount with poor market knowledge can lead to quick regrets.

Only Invest What You Can Actually Afford to Lose

You have probably heard this before, but that is because it’s true! Please don’t go into debt or put your sustenance at risk for investment. Sure, returns are good, but you should only commit what you can truly afford to lose. Trading is a high-risk activity; even a 99% accurate bot can get it wrong sometimes.

Always Save Profits

There is always a temptation for people to reinvest profits to maximize gains. However, if you have some success on Immediate Edge, you can always save your earnings instead. At least keep them separate from your capital because trading is a long game. Accumulate some funds and put them to good use for things you wanted the extra trading profit for in the first place.

Follow Expert Advice

Whatever strategy or plan you wish to follow has probably already been done before, so try to find someone who can guide you along the way. These mentors have earned their knowledge through training and experience. You can easily seek out trading experts online and follow them on social media for free. Chances are good that the expert will publish opinions and share ideas that can be helpful to your strategy.

Keep a Record for Tax Purposes

If your country doesn’t collect crypto taxes yet, it may come in the near future. Remain on the good side of the law and document your records. You should detail your investment expenses and income. Remember, your capital is not your income when you withdraw it into your bank account. Likewise, make sure you have enough documentation to explain your source of income.

Want to Join Immediate Edge?

Not only is Immediate Edge a secure trading platform with an automated bot, but it is also free to start. There are zero fees for registration, deposit, and trade. You do have to deposit $250 to access some features, such as demo accounts, and there is also a 2% charge for withdrawal from profitable accounts.

Although there is no mobile app for Immediate Edge, the 24/7 customer service offers helpful support via live chat. Immediate Edge boasts of a 99% accuracy rate for its algorithm-driven trading bot. Visit the official Immediate Edge website today and see if your country is eligible.

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