Over two decades ago posting on websites changed the press release newswire distribution industry allowing issuers to post releases on a number of premium websites, guaranteed paid posts that provide links included in reports. The practice started with a handful of premium websites such as Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and after decades the practice is still the cornerstone of wire distribution even if the technology has not evolved and the number of sites globally has not grown.

In 2017 working with Google iCrowdNewswire began to develop Google’s advertising and other technologies for press release distribution and over the years we have been continuously expanding the capabilities, growing the number of websites globally, and perfecting the process to use advertising technology and Google analytics. In our last innovation we added two other Google technologies to press release distribution, Google voice, our channel “Corporate Newswire” on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to publish releases accessible on billions of voice devices. And Google translations, using Google AI translations to publish every release in 8 languages posting to foreign language websites which are Google News indexed providing global SEO for every release.

And now we are happy to introduce the largest expansion in targeting in the industry, the ability to not only choose from 11 million websites but to choose special sections within those 11 million websites. Most sites offer between 5 – 10 special sections such as Real Estate, Travel, Legal, Technology, Business, ESG, DEI, Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, and more. Issuers can use our 7/24 human support to request the sections that are available on any of the 11 million websites worldwide.

The iCrowdNewswire Google targeting add on product was designed for third party syndication enabling partners to offer the targeting option without fixed costs, it is a value added option that answers the decades old questions sales get every day about additional targeted web distribution and is now available globally on icrowdnewswire.com; in Australia and New Zealand through our partner Medianet; in Canada through The Newswire; in the United Kingdom through PA Media; and globally through Nexis Newswire. The iCrowdNewswire Google distribution is offered as an add on that can be layered on top of any regular circuit in most cases for a flat fee that is much less than the circuit itself. Ad targeting, voice, translations, and Google analytics are all included in one low flat fee.

Sounds complex? Its not, our intelligent user interface (UI) developed over years and tested with thousands of client releases makes the process fast and efficient:

  1. Choose the number of views you want, 50,000 is the default (optional).
  2. Add LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Instagram are the default (optional).
  3. Search by industry, country, or region from 11 million websites. Click to add.
  4. Click to add special sections (optional).
  5. Add additional targeting by country, state, city, or zip code (optional).
  6. Choose demographics by gender, age, industry, or interests (optional).
  7. Voice distribution is turned on by default.
  8. Translations are turned on by default.
  9. Go back to original UI.
  10. Receive a final Google Analytics report in 7 days with actual views and clicks.

Ad Driven Press Release Distribution
Sample of WebSites Available

United States                      3,936,191
United Kingdom                707,452
Brazil                                    90,254
South Africa                       41,186
Canada                                 298,894
China                                    67,835
France                                  81,828
Germany                              708,285
India                                     336,624
Australia                              149,943
Japan                                    107,976
Mexico                                  49,923
Russia                                   310,260
United Arab Emirates       2,929
Netherlands                        113,168
Luxembourg                        1,531
Belgium                                32,997
Greece                                   10,168
Italy                                       191,686
Switzerland                          31,676
Sweden                                 49,596
Spain                                     80,669
Norway                                 11,826
Portugal                                7,706
Czech Republic                   27,400

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zwpj6u-n3F4&ab_channel=iCrowdNewswire


Sonia La Fountain, COO


[email protected]