The average cost of a wedding dress varies depending on the designer, the type of fabric and embellishments used, and other factors. Generally, most brides-to-be can expect to spend between $1,000 and $3,000 for their gown. Dresses typically take up around 10-15% of your wedding budget. Using a wedding budget calculator can help you estimate how much you will spend in each big category.

Even if you do use a wedding budget calculator and you find these numbers still make you nervous, here are a few tips for saving money on a wedding dress in 2023:

  • Always shop around and compare prices: Look at various stores and websites to see what options are available and at what price points. This will help you understand the going rates for different styles and brands.
  • Consider buying a pre-owned or gently used dress: You can often find great deals on gently used wedding dresses. Check out online marketplaces like Still White, Once Wed, and Preowned Wedding Dresses, or see if local consignment stores carry wedding dresses.
  • Rent a dress instead of buying: Many formal wear stores and websites offer dress rental options, which can be a more budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a new dress.
  • Choose a less expensive fabric: Wedding dresses made from satin, silk, and lace are more costly than those made from cotton, polyester, or chiffon.
  • Look for discounts: Keep an eye out for sales and deals at bridal stores, and don’t be afraid to negotiate with the salesperson to see if they are willing to offer you a better price.

Where to find discounted wedding dresses

There are plenty of places to find your perfect dress at an affordable price. Check out:

  • Online marketplaces: Websites like Still White, Once Wed, and Preowned Wedding Dresses offer gently used wedding dresses at discounted prices.
  • Department stores: Some department stores, such as David’s Bridal and JC Penney, have a selection of wedding dresses at more budget-friendly price points.
  • Off-the-rack bridal stores: Many bridal stores offer off-the-rack dresses available immediately rather than ordering a made-to-measure dress. These dresses may be less expensive than custom-ordered dresses.
  • Rentals: Renting a wedding dress can be more budget-friendly than buying one. Many formal wear stores and websites offer dress rental options.
  • Sample sales: Many bridal stores have sample sales, where you can purchase a dress used for display at a discounted price. These sales are usually held at the end of the season or when the store is looking to make room for new styles.

 Bottom Line

Planning a wedding can be incredibly expensive, and one of the most costly investments is typically the dress. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to save on your wedding dress without sacrificing style or quality. Shopping online allows you to browse dozens more options than a bridal boutique may offer, and you can often find great deals on eBay or other auction sites.

Additionally, buying off the rack, instead of ordering a custom-made gown, can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars while still finding something beautiful and suitable. Searching secondhand shops or consignment stores is also an option that many couples overlook; you may be delighted at the designer gowns that can be found in some of these places for a fraction of the price. With all these money-saving tips, you’ll find that same dream dress for less.

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