The time has come to move homes—perhaps you’re growing your family, upgrading your home, or relocating for work—and you’re hoping for the process to be as stress-free as possible. With so many tasks to tackle, what is the most efficient plan of attack? Read on for some reliable ways to plan a move.

Have a plan

Think about what you need to accomplish, when you need to accomplish it, and what it will require. Consider your required move-out date, your projected move-in date, the different tasks you need to complete in between, as well as which steps require researching and comparing costs or enlisting the help of others. Once you have a handle on what needs to get done, you can develop a detailed plan to guide you through the moving process.

Hire movers early

Movers can help safely transport your possessions, and securing their services early can make a big difference. Research local moving companies, read customer reviews, compare estimates, and inquire about extra services (such as dismantling/assembling furniture). Finally, reserve the movers you plan to go with. Knowing you have movers scheduled early can help you focus on other steps.

Pack in stages

If you know that movers are going to assist in packing some or all your belongings, you can prepare those items for the movers and focus on other items that you can pack yourself. Consider which belongings you don’t need everyday access to (such as last season’s decorations) and which belongings you’ll be using up until moving day (such as toiletries). Packing in stages, in order of necessity and importance, can allow you to prepare for the move without overwhelming yourself (or inconveniencing your family).

Declutter and purge

Moving homes might inspire you—or require you—to declutter your belongings, donate gently-used items, and throw away or recycle things that no longer work. Consider the differences between your current home and your future home and go through your possessions with a critical eye for what can be sold, donated, thrown away, or recycled.

Update your address

Don’t forget to update and share your new mailing address with essential businesses and connections: this includes your employer, utility companies, credit card companies, any subscriptions, and any insurance providers, such as the life insurance provider you have a whole life insurance policy with. Enroll in mail forwarding to ensure that all essential mail makes its way to your new home.

Set aside the essentials for moving day

To feel extra prepared for moving day, pack a bag with essential items such as your phone, ID, keys, chargers, a change of clothes, and toiletries. For any last-minute packing issues, set aside essentials such as packing tape, moving boxes, scissors, labels, markers, bubble wrap, and cleaning supplies. For your first day in your new home, you may choose to pack a box with things you’ll need in the first 24 hours, like pillows, bedding, shower curtains, towels, toilet paper, and pet food.

Clean up after the big move

Once all your belongings are moved out, you may be taken aback by how empty your home feels—and how dirty it might be! Moving, with people coming in and out of the house, can create a big mess by itself. You can hire a cleaning crew to take care of the task (if you have the time and the funds), or you can get to cleaning as the movers finish up. Most cleanups won’t require a big lift and might even offer closure as you take a moment to say goodbye to your old home.

Enjoy your new home

The most stress-free step in the moving process is enjoying your new home. Whether you decide to unpack and organize your belongings right away, or to take your time, settling into your new house will likely be a rewarding experience. After all that planning and hard work, find some time to relax and appreciate your new space.

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