Those who plan to take out a boat loan and buy a boat may wonder how different features affect boat performance. That’s why we compiled this handy guide on the various boats available and what to expect from each one. By becoming familiar with every option, aspiring boat owners can determine what boat features and performance are right for their unique needs and preferences.

Types of Boats and Their Features

The features of boats affect their performance in different ways. Below are examples of various boats and their features to help those who wish to buy a boat select the one that best fits their needs.

High-Performance Boats

Built for speed and style with narrow beams, high horsepower inboard or outboard motors, and deep V-hulls, high-performance boats are great for anyone looking for a true adrenaline rush on the water. These boats are extremely versatile and ideal for cruising, racing, and water sports. The main caveat with them, however, is their high horsepower engines will increase the cost of fuel.

Pontoon Boats

People who prefer to lounge should consider pontoon boats. Thanks to their ample seating and standing areas, these boats can entertain on rivers, inland lakes, and other small bodies of water. While they’re slower than other models, pontoon boats are easy to operate, transport, and store.


Sailboats are versatile vessels that come in just about every size imaginable. Some rely on the wind to maintain speed, while others contain inboard or outboard motors. There are many types of sailboats, including cruisers, daysailers, and racing sailboats. Owners can use sailboats for racing or enjoying a leisurely ride on the water.

Tow Sports Boats

Also known as ski or surf boats, tow sports boats are perfect for those who get a kick out of choppy waters. These boats feature built-in accessories for activities like skiing, wake surfing, and wakeboarding. Depending on the type of boat someone chooses, the engine is placed in the center for a smoother ride or in the back to create larger wakes. Tow sports boats also come with useful safety features such as hidden propellers.

Aluminum Fishing Boats

Aluminum fishing boats can be a solid pick for anyone who loves to fish. They’re slender, streamlined vessels with outboard steerable motors that make it a breeze to navigate through the water. Since they contain fewer frills and features than other boats, they offer an affordable yet convenient way to go fishing.

Bass Boats

Often used in inland lakes and rivers for bass fishing, bass boats feature high horsepower trolling motors and broad platforms great for casting off the back and front. Bass boats come equipped with low-profile bottoms, which are ideal for navigating shallow water. Also included is built-in storage designed to hold fishing gear.

Cabin Cruisers

For luxury lovers that want everything necessary to live, cabin cruisers are the way to go. Similar to yachts or houseboats, these vessels come with various amenities, including a kitchen, small toilet, and sleeping area. They also come with a wide, V-shaped hill to ensure a smooth ride, no matter what types of weather strikes.

The Bottom Line

There is no shortage of boats on the market. Depending on boat owner needs, styles range from sporty and fun to practical and livable. Since each boat has different features that impact performance, it’s important to shop around and explore all available options.


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