(Washington, DC) Haitians across the United States and throughout the world are celebrating Haiti’s “Flag Day” today, but some, like the Haitian Development Network, are using the moment to call for peace in that island nation as a path forward for economic prosperity.

“Two-hundred and twenty years ago today, May 18, 1803, the people of Haiti first hoisted the flag that waves today.  It is a symbol of freedom and a reminder of the resilience of the Haitian people.  That resilience is needed now as Haitians hear our calls for peace. In peace there is prosperity, and that is our goal for the Haitian people,” said Jacques Jonassaint, the Chairman and CEO of the Haitian Development Network.

The Haitian Development Network recently launched a new effort to reimagine that nation’s food supply system.  The initiative, called “Jaden Lakou,” is designed to promote food security by creating community gardens, resources, training, and funding which will create greater self-reliance in the Caribbean Basin.

“The Haitian people have a proud heritage, and at HDN we are building a model for the future based on the success of former colonies that have become economic powerhouses, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Vietnam,” said Jonassaint.  “We call our program ‘Haiti 2050.’”

To learn more about “Haiti 2050,” go to HDN.org.

The Haitian Development Network (HDN) is a non-profit organization promoting health, education, nutrition, and economic development in Haiti.  Its government relations work falls under its 501(c)(6) designation, and its charitable endeavors fall within its 501(c)(3) status, operating as the Haitian Development Foundation (HDF).

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See Campaign: https://www.hdn.org

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