When looking for their next side hustle, delivery drivers have many options to choose from these days. But with so many options, knowing which is the best delivery app to use can be difficult. Here are some things delivery drivers may want to consider when choosing a delivery app.

Food delivery app pay

One of the most important factors in choosing the best delivery app to work for is how much a driver can make. Food delivery apps typically have a base pay per order, which is often shown to the delivery driver before they accept the order. Base pay is calculated using certain factors, for instance, the mileage from the restaurant or pick up location to the customer, the market the driver is in, and the type of order–whether it’s an order from a restaurant, grocery store, or even catering orders where available.

Another factor that could impact pay is if the delivery app provides delivery incentives, or bonuses, for completing deliveries. For example, Grubhub offers Missions, which allows delivery partners to earn extra cash for deliveries by reaching specific goals in a set amount of time. Other incentives could include encouraging delivery drivers to drive at the busiest times, which would typically be evenings and weekends.

Getting tips for orders

When it comes to customer tips, a person should compare which app lets them keep 100% of the tip, or if they only keep a certain percentage.

Some delivery apps may also encourage customers to tip well, such as setting a higher default tip percentage. Drivers can compare these rates for each delivery app.

Same day payments

Whether a delivery driver works full-time or part-time for their side hustle, they want to know how often they can get paid. Delivery apps may offer a standard payment once or twice per week, but some delivery apps also offer same day, or instant pay options.

Instant pay options often have some conditions, such as if the driver has an account with a particular bank. Other delivery apps may offer an instant payment option, but the driver needs to have the delivery brand’s specified bank card. For other delivery apps, the driver can use the delivery service’s instant payment option anytime, but a small fee may be incurred each time. A driver can compare these services for each to find the delivery app payment option that works best for them.

Scheduling time on a delivery app

One of the other most significant factors in determining the best delivery app to work for is scheduling when to work and how flexible the app can be.

One of the first questions a driver may ask themselves would be how often they want to work. Do they want to be their own boss and set their own schedule, like working extra hours in the evenings or weekends to help make extra money to cover bills, or do they want to make food delivery a job they do 5 days a week? Food delivery apps make it easy to be flexible and choose when and how often a person may want to drive, but there are differences between some apps.

Certain apps may allow the driver to sign in whenever they feel like it. If the driver has a couple of free hours, they may be able to simply sign in and start delivering. If the driver is responsive and accepts orders regularly, the app may provide greater flexibility in choosing when to deliver. Apps may also encourage drivers to schedule certain times per week when they will be available. This can be a good option when the driver knows their schedule and when it’s busiest in their market.

Another benefit of scheduling time is that it can allow the delivery app to maintain a certain amount of delivery drivers on the road and not become oversaturated. If too many delivery drivers work at the same time, it could mean less deliveries per driver. Some delivery apps may prioritize drivers who schedule their availability ahead of time.

When it comes to finding the best delivery app to work for, there are many factors to consider. A delivery driver can compare the payment rate, tips, how they get paid, and how flexible their schedule can be to find a food delivery app that works best for them.


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