November 15, 2022 – Good2bSocial published its 2022 Social Law Firm Index, which examines how Am Law 200 firms adopt and apply digital marketing in terms of outreach, engagement and business development.
The Social Law Firm Index analyzes each firm’s presence on the internet and across social media and evaluates their social usage to extend thought leadership messages and otherwise engage with clients and constituents. These factors are reduced to numerical measures, weighted and incorporated into an algorithm to develop each firm’s rank on the Index.
Good2bSocial uses proprietary research to measure reach, engagement and marketing performance on platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SEO, thought leadership and podcast production.
“I think we are at an inflection point when it comes to how law firms are using digital marketing,” said Guy Alvarez, CEO of Good2bSocial. “Firms either understand how to use digital marketing to attract and engage with their target audience or they are missing the boat completely. The ones that get it will easily outperform their competitors in the coming years.”

Among the key findings in the 2022 Social Law Firm Index are:

More firms are using short form video on social media

Video marketing dominates because it gets results. Individuals are likely to select a law practice based on the quality and messaging of their digital video presence. There are around 250 million hours of videos watched on YouTube every single day. Even if traditional marketing approaches work for your law firm, ultimately your business has an automatic competitive disadvantage if its digital presence isn’t growing.

Firms who cater to multiple audiences are seeing the importance of market segmentation

An important part of marketing is targeting the correct audience. Defining your target audience forces you to be strategic in your marketing tactics, thereby increasing your ROI and allowing you to get the most of your marketing and business development efforts. To do this, you need to ensure you know who your targets are and understand as much about them as possible.

Firms are getting creative with their site’s organization and design

Website functionality is about user experience and how prospective clients will engage with your domain. Many firms have started emphasizing content and insights that are educational, rather than promotional. It’s imperative that you simplify navigational tools like dropdowns and menus and make your CTAs prominent. Make it clear who you serve, your practice areas and how users can request case evaluations.

The 2022 Social Law Firm Index Best Performing Firms:

The Overall Top Five Firms demonstrated the greatest comprehensive adoption, integration and use of digital marketing, social media and thought leadership content to market and grow their practice. The firms topping the list are:

  1. Norton Rose & Fulbright
  2. Baker McKenzie
  3. DLA Piper
  4. Reed Smith
  5. Latham & Watkins

The 2022 Social Law Firm Index rankings are based on a proprietary methodology developed to assess the effectiveness of each firm’s use of social media and digital marketing. The full report, including overall and individual channel rankings, along with feature stories on the top-ranking firms in each category, is available here for download.

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