The report suggests that the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.49% between 2023-2033

BIS Research, the global leader in providing market intelligence on deep technologies, has released its latest study titled Industrial Computed Radiography Market   A Global and Regional Analysis.

According to this study, the global industrial computed radiography market was valued at $59.1 million in 2022 and is projected to reach $68.8 million by 2033, growing at a staggering CAGR of 1.49%.

The following factors are responsible for the increase in demand for industrial computed radiography:

  • Emerging demand from the aerospace and defense industry
  • Rising demand for computed radiography due to the evolution of industry 4.0 practices
  • Rising demand for portable computed radiography


The detailed study is a compilation of 67 market data tables and 19 figures spread through 221 pages.


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Analyst’s Take on the Market Projection

According to Arun Kumar Sampathkumar, Principal Analyst, BIS Research, “The NDT domain is going through a growth phase as new testing requirements are evolving across applications. While testing methods are migrating to digital versions in certain use cases, the customers are also looking to expand their NDT service procurement to support the growing demand at their end. The industrial computed radiography market is going through a large-scale digital transformation, with very few use cases continuing to use the legacy version of the technology. Migration to digital versions of industrial computed radiography has opened up new opportunity areas for NDT service providers and system suppliers. It is imperative for industrial CR system suppliers to understand the state of migration to digital versions and the evolving need for legacy systems across applications. This study presents both quantitative and qualitative analysis in this regard and will benefit those who wish to understand the state of the market along with evolving opportunities in the industrial computed radiography market.”


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Major Existing Industry Leaders in the Industrial Computed Radiography Market

The companies that are profiled have been selected based on input gathered from primary experts and analyzing company coverage, product portfolio, and market penetration. Some of the established names in the market are:

  • Carestream Health
  • DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG
  • FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation
  • L3Harris Technologies, Inc.
  • MQS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Rigaku Corporation
  • Virtual Media Integration
  • Waygate Technologies (Baker Hughes Company)


Recent Developments in the Global Industrial Computed Radiography Market 

  • In September 2022, DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG partnered with JME Ltd. to develop an innovative X-Ray solution. The partnership would help JME Ltd. to utilize the D-Tect X software with the DXB:1 to inspect circumferential welds in applications such as new pipelines.
  • In July 2022, L3Harris Technologies partnered with DÜRR NDT GmbH & Co. KG to utilize ScanX Discover HC computed radiography scanner to electronically capture X-Ray images and then project them digitally on a monitor for evaluation.


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