Obesity is one of the biggest problems experienced by approximately 40% of adults in the United States. Obesity is linked to many dangerous diseases, including diabetes, fatty liver disease, and heart-related diseases. For a long time, obesity has been one of the most crucial and challenging to treat, and although most people try to hit the gym and be on a diet, they cannot completely get rid of obesity. Despite a handful of currently FDA-approved medications to burn fat and prevent obesity, most consumers who take these drugs rarely achieve their long-term weight loss goals. Geeks Health Shares new report on the Amazonian Sunrise Drops, a potential breathrough supplement that can help fight weight gain. The obesity epidemic needs to be eliminated quickly, and the only way for this to be achieved is through finding more effective medications, including BAM15, in treatment. Researchers from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge have now announced they have found a product known as BAM15, a protein that can potentially treat obesity and disorders related to the condition.

Does BAM15 Burn Fat or Prevent Obesity?

Researchers are hesitant to refer to BAM15 as a miracle medicine due to insufficient evidence to support such a claim, and scam report. Enough research hasn’t been conducted to determine whether the product benefits humans.  However, the discoveries regarding BAM15 have significant implications for enhancing older people’s quality of life, particularly for the steadily increasing population of obese individuals. People are more likely to live longer and in better health if the causes and effects of sarcopenic obesity are prevented, delayed, or reversed. Professional researchers, however, emphasize that mitochondrial uncouplers may play a significant role in increasing health span. We are optimistic that BAM15 or compatible compounds will soon enter clinical medication development and be used as an effective treatment for obese individuals.

What is BAM15?

Development in biochemical engineering and small molecule screening has rekindled interests in mitochondrially targeted drugs for treating metabolic conditions, including obesity. It is demonstrated by studies in derivatization of DNP with a longer half-life that significantly enhanced medication acceptability while lowering cellular toxicity. Although DNP depolarizes the plasma and mitochondrial membranes, it is a weak uncoupler that ultimately restricts therapeutic progress. In comparison to molecules from earlier generations, BAM15 is a mitochondrially targeted protonophore. BAM15 boosts mitochondrial production, enhances muscle mass and function, and decreases death-related signaling in 80-week-old mice, which is about equal to humans between the ages of 60 and 65. The results demonstrate that mitochondrial uncoupling by BAM15 may slow down the age-related decrease in muscle mass and function by allowing adaptations that give protection against sarcopenic obesity. According to professional researchers, losing weight also results in muscle loss; in certain situations, you may lose a significant amount of muscle. During the research, the older mice dropped more than 20 percent of their total body fat while experiencing a gain in muscle mass that averaged 8%. They also experienced an increase in their general body strength by 40%.

How Does BAM15 Work?

BAM15 is different from the current weight management drugs and supplements that primarily function by lowering a person’s food intake or the number of calories their bodies take in. BAM15 exerts its effects by decreasing the efficiency of the mitochondria, which are the cell’s power plants. Consequently, the mitochondria consume more energy and burn more fat.  Researchers also found that BAM15 significantly boosted mitochondrial respiration and sustained all body activities. It also improves whole-body glucose clearance, energy expenditure, and body weight management without necessarily changing the body’s temperature.

Advantages of BAM15

  • BAM15 may be used to treat a variety of illnesses in humans, including fatty liver disease, some types of cancer, and diabetes
  • The protein makes consumers resistant to gaining weight by burning more calories, as shown in the research involving mice
  • BAM15 reduces blood sugar and insulin levels regardless of how much weight a person has
  • Researchers also claim that the product improves the skeletal muscle’s sensitivity to insulin’s effects. Resistance to skeletal muscle insulin is primarily a risk factor that results in the development of type-2 diabetes
  • The product prevents the body from accumulating too much fat, especially on critical organs, including the liver,prostate health and the kidneys. When too much fat accumulates on these organs, one is likely to suffer a heart attack, mainly when blood damages the organs.


BAM15 is a weight loss protein that significantly reduces mitochondrial efficiency rather than the amount consumed in food. As highlighted above, protein is more effective than most weight loss supplements available in the market today, which do not show significant progress. It burns fat even after the user takes it for months. Although BAM15 has not yet been tested in humans, it is expected that the product will be efficient in obesity prevention and treatment of obesity-related diseases, including diabetes and heart diseases.