Tranell Morant

Former ASU Sun Devil, Tranell Morant, has recently announced that he is founding a new football training camp within the greater Scottsdale area to empower young players to develop fundamentals, practice among their peers, and learn important teamwork values that will assist them in their personal and professional lives. The camp is tentatively planned for students to practice essential skills through repetition and drills guided by coaches and established players.

Tranell Morant has described his inspiration to found a football camp by saying “There are some existing camps within the area, however age ranges and associated costs are considered huge barriers to attendance. While we are still working out the details, our camp aims to mitigate some of these barriers by prioritizing accessibility for the young players who are interested in attending.”

Tranell, who has gained experience as a project manager and Business Communications expert post his collegiate football career, noted that he plans to utilize his skillset to help expand the training camp, facilitate communications with interested coaches and players, and ensure that the needs of the student athletes are properly considered throughout each step of the process. The stated goals of the training camp at this stage have been mentioned to be keeping interested students involved in sports, providing a safe space for players to learn the fundamentals of the sport, and ensuring student athletes learn the connection between teamwork in sports and community building.

About Tranell Morant  

Tranell Morant is a former Arizona State University Sun Devil who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business/ Corporate Communications and currently works as a Business Communications and project management specialist. Tranell has developed a reputation as a professional with a keen eye for marketing, passion for business innovation, and a track record for bringing high-quality results to businesses across industries. Still an avid football enthusiast, Tranell speaks to the value that sports have contributed to his personal and professional life and remains a proponent of school sports within communities.