As a business major at Washington State University, Ayden Hector has various skill sets that help him in all areas of his life. His progress in football over the years and experience with volunteering has brought him tremendous leadership both on and off the field. 

Football Experience

Ayden Hector’s years of experience playing football may have led to him winning multiple regional and national awards, but the real growth is demonstrated in his leadership skills. There is no doubt that football is not an individual sport. Various individuals from different backgrounds have to come together and learn how to work together to win by working in different capacities, which is no small feat. Being a great leader means being an even greater teammate, which is something Ayden is well known for. Being a good teammate means sticking up for one another in both good and bad times. Leadership on the field and off the field means speaking up, telling the truth, and doing what’s right. 

Volunteering Experience

It is possible to develop your leadership skills in many different ways by volunteering, especially if you are involved with an industry or professional organization. As a volunteer, you can gain different perspectives, build relationships and learn new skills-often ones that you would not have the opportunity to develop as part of your regular job responsibilities. For many years, Ayden Hector has volunteered for Relay for Life. His commitment to this annual fundraiser for cancer research was a great asset to his leadership skills. Ayden volunteered at the local Tent City during this time period, where he got to not only prepare and serve food but also socialize with homeless people. Ayden was also a  camp counselor for Eastside Catholic basketball and football summer camps for students in grades 2 through 8. 

Supporting the Community by Providing Leadership for Kids

Having this kind of experience taught Ayden a lot about leadership and what it takes to work with young children. From 2017 to 2018, Ayden volunteered as a youth football referee. The focus of this league was to help foster a fun, positive and safe environment for young athletes while also boosting their self-confidence. Ayden began volunteering for Food Lifeline in 2021 and continues to do so today, using his skills to help pack, sort, and distribute food boxes for emergencies to families in his community who are going through a food shortage. 

Student-Led Organization B.Box Offers Volunteer Options for Young Adults

One of the most distinctive volunteering experiences Ayden has had is his responsibility as President of the B.Box organization. It is a student-led organization that provides birthday celebrations for homeless teens through local youth shelters. As part of this organization, Ayden plans fundraisers, organizes outreach campaigns, identifies youth needs, and procures donations for B.Box celebrations. Ayden puts a lot of time and effort into demonstrating his care for the community he lives in and puts his leadership skills to the test regularly.