Triggre is a 100% no-code platform that allows companies to create web applications with no technical expertise needed

[Houten, the Netherlands, 24 May 2023]: Dyanix, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, adds a new solution to its growing portfolio. Triggre helps companies to grow, by digitally automating their business processes. With its affordable, fast, and fun no-coding platform, Triggre allows companies to design business-critical solutions and build Business Process Automation Applications for their businesses. Dyanix will sell Triggre to its current reseller network throughout EMEA and will also develop the business in close cooperation with Triggre.

A combination of completeness and ease of use

Without the need for coding and scripting and with the support of Triggre Designer, companies can create web applications by visually mapping their processes, digitalizing them, replacing their legacy systems, and thus driving innovation and growth. Triggre’s consumption license model allows companies to pay depending on how much they really use. Moreover, with ready-to-go application templates to get a head start, as well as automated validation, they save valuable time.

Thanks to Triggre’s simplicity, companies no longer need to hire people with traditional technical skills, which means they can set up business processes such as a customer portal, logistics planning, or employee onboarding tools all on their own.

Peter de Boer, CEO of Dyanix explains; “Adding Triggre to our Dyanix portfolio is an exciting new step for us. Offering a solution to automate workflows and business processes with the simplicity and ease of use of Triggre, will be seen as a game-changer for many companies. We are delighted to be able to offer Triggre to our customers in the EMEA markets.”

Mark Hulshof, Co-Founder of Triggre added: “We’re thrilled to partner with Dyanix, a European leader in digital business transformation, with whom we share the vision of empowering businesses to become more efficient through automation and digitalisation. As the only 100% no-code solution in the Dyanix portfolio, we believe our combined efforts will yield great results and help many organisations, regardless of their size or industry.”

Enabling partners

Dyanix enables its partners in digital transformation by acting as a gateway for vendors like Triggre and creating new opportunities for our resellers. With this partnership, Dyanix will be able to offer Triggre to its resellers as a way to increase their productivity, save costs and time, and simplify and customise their business processes. Over the past year, Dyanix has added several solutions to its portfolio that help businesses with their digital transformation challenges.

About Triggre

Triggre aims to help companies grow to new heights, by enabling them to digitally automate their business processes. Triggre’s mission is to give business creatives the ability to build applications by eliminating the struggle usually encountered in software development.

About Dyanix

Dyanix is a leading solutions provider in digital transformation. As an expert with over 20 years of experience in the fields of scanning and digitization, Dyanix offers the best combination of hardware and software solutions to resellers and end-users. Our innovative cloud solutions help companies to increase productivity, enhance business processes, and offer broad data analysis and protection. In addition, Dyanix can deploy an extensive range of services anywhere in Europe and support projects at every level.

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