The major challenge of staying young, Dr. Daniel Pompa says, is a phenomenon called cellular senescence. The remedy for cellular senescence is stem cells.

What Is Cellular Senescence?

You may have heard that every cell in our bodies replaces itself every seven years.

That isn’t quite accurate. Some cells, like red blood cells, replace themselves every 90 days. Other cells that scientists once believed didn’t replace themselves at all, such as the neurons in our brains, replace themselves on a much longer schedule.

But every time a cell begins to wear out, and genes tell it is to create a replacement cell, it has to unravel its double helix of DNA and create an exact copy.

There is a point where cells have trouble copying their DNA to create a replacement cell. There may be so many tiny errors in the DNA that a new cell would not be viable. The protein-making machinery of the cell may be worn out.

At that point, the cell is said to be senescent. It will never create its own replacement. It sends out signals to the immune system that it should be destroyed with inflammation, so younger, healthier cells around it and stem cells can take its place.

The problem is that when the immune system uses inflammation to “zap” a senescent cell, it takes out several healthy cells with it. Cellular destruction accumulates to cause aging tissues that can only be rejuvenated with stem cells.

Stem Cells Are the Answer for Aging, Dr. Daniel Pompa Says

Stem cells are uniquely “pluripotent” cells that renew blood, bone, skin, and other tissues. They have plural potential roles as any kind of cell in the human body.

We all have stem cells throughout our lives. Stem cells in our bone marrow, forever, completely recreate our red blood cell supply about every three months.

Stem cells can also rejuvenate skin, bone, heart, and muscle tissue. The challenge is that we don’t have enough of them to keep up with senescent cells and an overactive immune system as we get older.

We don’t have enough stem cells unless a small sample of our stem cells can be extracted from our blood, multiplied in the lab, and reinfected into our bodies by skilled health practitioners.

In the United States, you can get a treatment that genetically modifies and multiplies your white blood cells. It is only available for cancer patients who have failed other treatments; it costs about $500,000 for a single treatment, is not always covered by insurance, and does nothing to multiply your stem cells. To get treatment with your own natural, unmodified, multiplied stem cells (at a vastly lower cost), you must visit a state-of-the-art facility outside the USA.

Dr. Daniel Pompa can help you make the connections.

Who Is Dr. Daniel Pompa?

Doctor of Chiropractic Daniel Pompa was trained in chiropractic therapy but had to innovate new ways to treat a neurotoxic illness with cellular therapies. He has made sharing healing knowledge his mission, as his life has moved from pain to purpose to promise. Dr. Pompa and his wife, Merily, live near their five adult children in Park City, Utah. Dr. Daniel Pompa is the founder of