With rapid urbanization, we find Tucson homesteads sprawling out into the desert. Because the hot, sandy, and rugged deserts are typically home to scorpions, Tucsonans now often encounter these pests inside their homes. Tucson pest control specialists find that, often, even when homeowners practice “safe pesting”, they invariably encounter scorpions on their properties, or inside the home. 

Non-life-threatening Threat!

Most species of scorpions aren’t “dangerous”, in the sense that homeowners rarely have life-threatening encounters with these pests. However, they do pack a mean sting. Residents will commonly encounter Bark scorpions, one of the oldest creatures on the earth, dating back to more than 450 million years, who have now adapted to living in homes and built-up areas.    

Experts in pest control in Tucson, however, caution homeowner’s not to be complacent in their scorpion encounters. Though their stings might not be dangerous to most healthy adults, children and older adults are especially vulnerable to scorpion venom. And, if a scorpion does sting someone with an allergic condition, the consequences could be serious – if not fatal! 

More recently, scientists from Arizona State University’s school of Life Sciences have discovered that Bark scorpions play host to various polyomaviruses. While more research continues, the presence of these viruses, in a scorpion species that commonly invades Tucson homes, could pose a greater threat to human wellbeing.

First-start Common Steps

So, what can homeowners do, as a first step, to protect themselves against scorpions? Well, Tucson pest control professionals offer some commonsense first steps to keep scorpions at bay, including:

– Decluttering, and not cluttering

– Cleaning up in and around the home, including removal of all debris around the home’s perimeter

– Ensuring there are no water leaks or stagnant pools around the home

– Avoiding planting oleanders – which attract these uninvited pests

– Illuminating doors and other entryways with bug lights 

These initial steps will help keep scorpions at bay, and away from the home. However, these pests have evolved over millions of years, and can scurry, scamper, crawl, burrow, tunnel, and climb like experts. Sometimes, even these basic preventative steps might not deter them from seeking the comforts of your home!

Calling in the Pros

There are other steps that homeowners can take, for instance regularly inspecting the home – inside and out – for signs of scorpion activity. These creatures don’t congregate in nests or communal groups, and they typically rest under rocks and debris, or in dark unreachable spots in the home – so spotting them might be a challenge. 

The one thing that you should never attempt to do with scorpions, if you do stumble on a solitary one, or a group of them in your home, is to handle them by yourself. The AZ Pest team of experts in pest control in Tucson, has specially formulated scorpion control plans and techniques in place to help you deal with these pests.  Each member of the team is a trained professional and certified in their specialized Scorpion Barrier program. When you see scorpions on your property, it’s time to call in the pros.