London, 19/7/2023- In the fast-paced and dynamic world of construction, accurate cost estimating is the foundation upon which successful projects are built. Estimating is not just about crunching numbers; it is a meticulous process that requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure profitability and project success. One crucial aspect of cost estimating that cannot be overlooked is risk management. Identifying and mitigating potential risks can save construction companies from financial setbacks and help them stay competitive. In this blog post, we will explore some common risk factors in construction cost estimating and how the ConWize estimating and bidding software simplifies the process with just a click of a button.

Not Enough Profit for Each Bill of Quantity Line:

ConWize’s comprehensive software goes above and beyond in providing valuable alerts to users, particularly when it comes to identifying cases where there is an insufficient profit margin for specific bills of quantity lines. Ensuring adequate profit margins is a primary objective in cost estimating, as compromising on this aspect may initially make a bid more appealing, but it can lead to severe repercussions in the long term. A construction company without sufficient profits may find it challenging to manage overhead costs, sustain growth, and effectively deal with unforeseen challenges. By utilizing ConWize, construction professionals gain the advantage of swiftly analyzing profit margins for each bill of quantity line, guaranteeing they are set at a level that is both sustainable and competitive.

Mistakes in Overloading Profit Margins – Decreasing the Chances of Winning:

On the other hand, overpricing bill of quantity lines can hinder a construction company’s ability to secure contracts. While healthy profits are essential, excessively inflated prices may deter potential clients from choosing your bid. ConWize’s sophisticated algorithms take into account previous projects pricing, allowing estimators to set competitive prices without compromising on profitability. This balanced approach increases the chances of winning bids and securing more projects.

Bill of Quantity Lines with Exactly the Same Scope of Work but with Different Prices:

Another risk that estimators face is inconsistency in pricing for similar scopes of work. This disparity can arise due to various factors, such as human error, lack of centralized data, or miscommunication between team members. ConWize’s all-in-one estimating and bidding software streamlines the process by providing a centralized platform where estimators can access historical data and standardized pricing guidelines. This minimizes the chances of discrepancies and ensures consistency across all bills of quantity lines.

Missing prices or BOQ mistakes

Errors in pricing are common in manual estimating processes, and even the most experienced estimators can overlook a line item or miscalculate costs. Such omissions can lead to significant financial losses if not caught in time. ConWize automates calculations and cross-references data, significantly reducing the likelihood of errors. By clicking a single button, estimators can instantly generate accurate and reliable cost estimates, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual checks.


In the world of construction, risk management is crucial to maintaining profitability and winning bids. Estimators must pay close attention to factors such as profit margins, pricing consistency, and accurate calculations to avoid costly mistakes. The ConWize estimating and bidding software revolutionizes the construction cost estimating process by providing an all-in-one platform that enables quick and accurate risk analysis. With just a click of a button, construction professionals can ensure that each bill of quantity line is profitable, competitively priced, and free from errors, ultimately leading to more successful projects and increased growth opportunities for their companies. Embrace the power of technology and take your construction cost estimating to new heights with ConWize.

About ConWize:

ConWize is a leading provider of innovative construction cost estimating and bidding software. With its user-friendly platform, ConWize empowers construction professionals to streamline their risk management processes and achieve more successful and profitable projects. For more information, visit

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