NEW YORK, February 21, 2024- Dilendorf Law Firm, a New York law firm focusing on crypto assets is dedicated to defending the rights of senior citizens who have fallen victim to elder fraud involving theft of crypto assets through cyber-attacks, Sim Swaps, and phishing scams.

Cyber fraud takes many forms, but according to the FBI’s economic crimes unit, older adults are losing more money at a faster pace. In 2022 alone, the agency saw a 350% increase in cryptocurrency-related scams targeted to older adults, which was the largest increase among all age groups and all types of fraud.

In response to these alarming statistics, Dilendorf Law Firm emphasizes the critical importance of legal recourse, particularly in cases where theft occurs via regulated cryptocurrency exchanges.

The firm underscores that avenues for recovering lost funds remain legally viable, with exchanges bound by consumer protection and cybersecurity regulations. Notably, the burden of proof rests on the exchange to demonstrate the legitimacy of transactions, even in cases of compromised accounts.

“We understand how distressing it is when seniors are targeted by cyberattacks that severely impact their financial security. As attorneys with a focus on successful outcomes for our clients, we are mission-focused and ready to support senior citizens who have suffered such losses,” says Max Dilendorf, the founding partner of Dilendorf Law Firm.

Dilendorf Law firm will investigate the nature of the crime, gather evidence, and navigate the federal cyber security and consumer protection laws which were designed to protect investors from these cyber theft and similar scams. They offer ongoing guidance for individuals who have been victims of elder fraud by exploring avenues for recovering these funds.

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