One can’t overstate the benefits of a functional irrigation system; watering is convenient and effective. When your building has a good irrigation system, you are free from unnecessary repair expenses and water wastage. However, paying for an irrigation system is not the ultimate functional test – the company maintaining and taking care of it is!

There are several Houston-based irrigation companies, so making a choice isn’t easy. Choosing the right Houston irrigation company involves evaluating some important factors- this article is about those factors.

Before you decide to hire an irrigation company, here are the most important things to look for:

– Expert employees

An ideal irrigation company should have a team of employees with high levels of skill. Their team should be well-rounded with staff for all aspects of the irrigation project. They should have good supervisors and skillful professionals to ensure they do a good.

This is because there are always unique irrigation needs, so a company with expert employees, that have a wide spectrum of skillsets, is always a better choice. The company must also have ready access to a pool of subcontractors for other specialized work, such as plumbing and tunneling. A core team of expert employees means a company is stable and successful.

– Experience

Experience isn’t something you should ignore in this industry. Different areas have better irrigation systems that work for them due to soil types- an experienced company knows that. They have used different irrigation systems, so they know the best options for your neighborhood. Aside from knowing what works best for your property, they also know what to avoid.

A company with extensive experience installing irrigation systems in Houston knows the material requirements. They’re familiar with the common weather and microclimate problems, and how to prevent them. They also know the local permit and bylaw requirements. An experienced irrigation company has intimate knowledge of the area, so they are well-positioned to handle your project.

– Contract

Generally, most companies give you a free quote on their website. Then, they give you a detailed written contract after understanding your specific irrigation needs. Ideally, an irrigation company will give you a well-detailed contract. The contract spells out who is responsible for each phase of work, the cost of extras, and completion dates for each work phase. 

A detailed contract eliminates misunderstandings and misinformation. It is an important proof of credibility that you shouldn’t overlook while planning your irrigation in Houston, Texas. It shows that the company is transparent and won’t give you unpleasant surprises.

– Reviews and Certifications

Reviews, especially word-of-mouth reviews, point to the reputation of an irrigation company. You should ask people in your neighborhood and see what they have to say about the companies you have in mind. The reviews on the company’s website will also help you know what to expect.

Ideally, you must only use a certified irrigation company with a license to carry on business in the area. This is probably the biggest proof of their credibility – their experience working in the area. You should also check their certifications or licenses on their website.


These factors help you make the right choice of irrigation companies. Our company checks all boxes- our website says it all. To get your irrigation system installed, contact us today!