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Africa’s Forgotten Crisis

Yasmine Sherif, Director of Education Cannot Wait World leaders need to act for children and youth struggling to survive and thrive. NEW YORK, Jun 1 2021 (IPS) – A few weeks ago, I traveled with the UN High Commissioner for.

UN’s Battle Against Climate Hazards Undermined by a Devastating Pandemic

The following article is part of a series to commemorate World Environment Day June 5 Restoring natural habitats as pictured here in Cuba will help to slow down climate change. A new UN-backed study released May 27 says annual investments.

FINCO Lending, Inc. Expands Technology Footprint With The Adwerx Automation Platform

FINCO Lending, Inc. Expands Technology Footprint With The Adwerx Automation PlatformTech-driven mortgage firm launches Adwerx as a digital way to deliver the human factor that drives the lending experience June 9, 2021 — FINCO Lending, Inc., a mortgage lender based.

Left Brain Wealth Management Launches Flagship Mutual Fund: Left Brain Compound Growth Fund (LBCGX)

 Introducing Left Brain’s easily accessible investment vehicle, designed to help grow your assets.Chicago, IL, May 27, 2021– With a solid track record of growth in its Wealth Management Division and Capital Appreciation Fund, Left Brain Wealth Management is pleased to.

Nashwan Habib Explains Why Teamwork is the Key to His Roadside Service Company

Looking to start a business? Nashwan Habib explains why teamwork is essential.If you’re going to run a small business or another organization, teamwork will often prove vital. Nashwan Habib would know, he’s built a successful roadside service company by relying.

David Walker, a Green Beret, Identifies the Best U.S. Surfing Spots

Surfing Enthusiast David Walker Green Beret Highlights the Top U.S. Surfing DestinationsIf you’re in search of gnarly waves to shoot the curl, the following American beaches are where you want to be. Each boasts legendary rippers, epic competitions, and killer.

Why Alpha Tech is set to become the next top gaming platform

Esports is taking the world by storm and Vancouver-born company Alpha Tech (CSE:ALPA) is positioned perfectly for the boom.But before we get into what’s special about Alpha Tech, let’s first talk about why the esports industry is on fire right now. Everything.

Cloud Fax Services Market – A Multi-Billion Dollar Market Identifying Hidden Gems | XMedius, Retarus, Otelco

The latest analysis released by HTF MI on “Cloud Fax Services Market Outlook 2020 Survey results” sheds light on how investment and competitive landscape is impacted due to significant changes in the Cloud Fax Services Industry. The research coverage includes.

Smart Toilet Market Is Thriving Worldwide | Kohler, Coway, Haier

Latest survey on Smart Toilet Market is conducted to provide hidden gems performance analysis to better demonstrate competitive environment of Smart Toilet. The study is a mix of quantitative market stats and qualitative analytical information to uncover market size revenue.

Hemorrhoids Pipeline Analysis: Key Pharma Players Set to Develop Innovative Therapies and Explore Innumerable Opportunities.

\Involved pharmaceutical companies in the Hemorrhoids market are Nivagen Pharmaceuticals Inc. Edesa Biotech, Citius Pharmaceuticals, and others. DelveInsight’s Hemorrhoids Pipeline report highlights the details around Hemorrhoids, which are swollen and inflamed veins around the anus or in the lower rectum. The.

Bioinformatics Market Size & Forecast Study 2019-2025 | Increasing Applications in Novel Drug Discovery and Validation by Pharmaceutical Companies to Propel Market Growth

The global Bioinformatics Market size was valued at USD 8,028.4 million in 2019 and is expected to touch USD 18,261.8 billion by 2025, registering a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% during the forecast period 2019-2025. Increased funding for.

Julia Hair 2021 Mid-Year Super Sale For Human Hair Weaves & Wigs

Time flies, half of 2021 is gone, are you still on the way to change beauty. Choose Julia hair, change starts from your head in Julia hair Mid-year super sale 2021.If you want to buy the top quality hair weave,.

Could this new esports company be the next Skillz?

If you’re aware of the esports space, it’s likely that you’ve heard of video game platform Skillz (NYSE:SKLZ). As one of the biggest esports companies out there, the company has a market cap of $16 billion and has just announced.

ECW Interviews Save the Children Uk’s Chief Executive Kevin Watkins

Jun 4 2021 – Kevin Watkins is the Chief Executive of Save the Children UK. Kevin joined Save the Children in September 2016, after spending three years as Executive Director of the Overseas Development Institute. Previously, he held a senior.

Education Cannot Wait Investments Transform Children’s Lives in Somalia

Girls in rural Somalia spend a large portion of their time helping with household chores. But thanks to Education Cannot Wait funding many girls are now able to receive an education. Credit: Save the Children MOGADISHU, Jun 8 2021 (IPS).

Fabry Disease Market: Market Size and Share, Epidemiology Forecast, Treatment Landscape, Emerging Drugs and Leading Companies

DelveInsight’s Fabry Disease Market Insights Report offers a detailed analysis of disease, its causes, symptoms, diagnostics modalities, and treatment options.  The report covers Fabry Disease epidemiology, emerging therapeutics, market dynamics, market drivers and barriers, ongoing clinical trials, important collaborations in.

myLawyer launches the myLawyer MarketPlace

San Francisco Bay Area, June 8, 2021myLawyer, the online platform that brings together lawyers and clients, launches the myLawyer MarketPlace today. The myLawyer MarketPlace is a marketplace dedicated to wine, embedded in the myLawyer platform. It offers a curated list.

Conquer the Wild West with Vuuzle.TV! Watch FREE the best westerns of world cinema

Do you love movies about the development and conquest of the Wild West in the XIX century? Well, then turn on the OTT platform Vuuzle.TV and watch the best westerns of the world film industry. This trend is characteristic mainly of US cinema, may.

The best crime movies of today! For adrenaline and thrills go to Vuuzle.TV

Criminal films are a very popular and most sought genre in the film industry. Of course, modern viewers love to feel the sharpest feelings that cause the chase and the search for evidence and criminals.Watching such films of the crime genre.

Srinarayanathas Foundation Celebrates Filipino Heritage Month by Seeding the Filipino Youth Fellowship at the City of Toronto

Markham, CANADA – On the occasion of the inaugural year of Filipino Heritage Month in Ontario, the Srinarayanathas Foundation is proud to support the Filipino Youth Fellowship at the City of Toronto.Ontario is home to nearly 350,000 people of Philippine.