Laguna Niguel, California–(June 19, 2023) – Cartel Blue, Inc. (OTC Pink: CRTL), a Nevada corporation, and manufacturer of THC products, edible gummies, vape pens, CBD oil, hemp cigars and branded accessories, announced its plans to formalize their business presence in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and decision to locate new facilities in the Opportunity Zone of this region to support the manufacture and distribution of all of its products.  The new facilities will be converted into a 3,000 light hydroponic grow operation for boutique hemp cultivation which will be used to formulate and manufacture CBD oil products, THC 0.3 THC (psychoactive compound delta-9-and delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol) dissolute, CBD oil, edible gummies, vape pens and hemp cigar products, and will include  equipped manufacturing suites, packaging and labeling equipment, and distribution center.  The grow facility will also support hemp sales to wholesalers in the secondary market.

Cartel Blue’s CEO, Philip Moreb explained that the Company’s decision to expand manufacturing in the Opportunity Zone in Ft. Lauderdale and produce all of its products there, was influenced by the hemp and CBD industry friendly policies in this region of Florida, reduced facility overhead costs for leased property, tax-free/pro-business policies,  and close proximity to air and sea terminals to support product distribution – domestically and into the EU.  Additionally, Cartel Blue’s President, Phillip LaRocca, Judge retired, will oversee and manage the conversion and operations of the new facilities.  The Company plans to retain a warehouse/distribution facility in Palm Springs, California which will be managed by Mr. Moreb to support West Coast U.S. distribution, that will include a showroom for retail customers.

Mr. Moreb also announced Cartel Blue is formalizing terms with distribution partners in the EU to distribute  hemp cigar products to retailers in the EU.  The Company expects the new facility to produce 300,000 hemp cigars per month, to supply the US and EU markets.

About Cartel Blue, Inc.

Cartel Blue, Inc. manufactures and distributes hemp consumable products, including 0.3 THC (psychoactive compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) edible gummies, CBD oil products, vape pens, branded cigars and cigarillos,  and accessories, and their common stock currently trades on the OTC Exchange  OTC Market’s Pinks under the symbol “CRTL”.

Philip Moreb, the founder of Cartels Cigar, addresses recent defamatory claims circulating about our company. Providing accurate information and setting the record straight is essential. Join us as we debunk false allegations and share the truth behind our brand. At Cartels Cigar, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality cigars and maintaining an impeccable reputation. Unfortunately, baseless accusations have been made that tarnish our name. This video presents evidence, testimonials, and firsthand accounts that refute the defamatory statements. We understand the importance of transparency and value the trust our customers have placed in us. By addressing these claims directly, we hope to reassure our loyal supporters and provide clarity to those who may have been misinformed. Join us in our fight against defamation by watching this video, sharing it with others, and engaging in respectful discussions in the comments section. Together, we can combat false narratives and uphold the integrity of Cartels Cigar. (Click here to watch the video)

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