Drug Candidate, CQ-001 (cannabidiol “CBD” + IP formula), also demonstrated substantially reduced seizures at higher doses, with less CBD, compared to standard CBD.


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(OTC PINK:CANQF) (the “Company” or “CanaQuest), a clinical-stage life sciences company focused on drug discovery and development of next-generation targeted cannabinoid therapeutics for the central nervous system (CNS), today announced Statistically Significant efficacy results from the Clinical Dose & Efficacy Study (“Study”) conducted by Dr. W McIntyre Burnham, emeritus professor of the University of Toronto’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine. In comparison to standard CBD, CQ-001 (cannabidiol “CBD” + IP formula – essential fatty acids) demonstrated 40% more seizure reduction at a medium dose in the maximal electroshock seizure (MES) model. This result indicates that CQ-001 is stronger than standard CBD, and could be used a lower dose to achieve seizure control.

Highlights derived from the Study are as follows:

  • The enhanced efficacy from these clinical studies further validates the pre-clinical trial results obtained by Steven Laviolette, a professor and neuroscientist, at Western University.
  • These results set the stage for substantially smaller dosages of CBD generating the desired results without the negative side effects and will define a dosage of CQ-001 for a clinical trial (Phase II/III, double-blind trial, 60 patients).
  • CanaQuest has identified the regulatory pathways to obtain Rx Drug Identification Numbers (DINs) in Canada and the USA for Epilepsy rare neurological CQ- 001, in combination with its proprietary processing and delivery method, is estimated to be approved in about 3 years.


“Further testing will be necessary, however preliminary tests suggest that CQ-001 is stronger than regular CBD,” said Burnham, pharmacologist and co-director of EpLink.

Paul Ramsay, President, stated, “The Clinical Study results reconfirm the pre-clinical trial results conducted at Western University, and further substantiate the magnitude of this life-changing discovery.”

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About: The Ontario Brain Institute – EpLink

The Ontario Brain Institute is a provincially funded, not-for-profit organization that accelerates discovery and innovation, benefiting both patients and the economy.

EpLink is the Epilepsy Research Program of the Ontario Brain Institute and is focused on finding new ways to diagnose, treat and improve the lives of people living with drug-resistant epilepsy. The program is funded by the Ontario Brain Institute and aims to bring health innovations directly to the epilepsy community.

About: CanaQuest Medical Corp

CanaQuest Medical, a clinical-stage, life sciences company, is focused on the drug discovery and development of next-generation targeted therapeutics within the endocannabinoid system and specific brain receptors. The Company is focused on treating neurological conditions, such as epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “PTSD”, including addiction. The Company is the industry partner for research and product development with Dr. Steven Laviolette, a professor, and neuroscientist, with decades of experience in the field of mental health and cannabinoids, at Western University. Dr. Laviolette and his team of 13 scientists made two amazing discoveries that are drug candidates targeting neurological conditions: Drug candidate,CQ-001, supported by (cannabidiol “CBD” + IP formula) – molecules bond and synergistically attach to PPAR receptors allowing CQ-001 to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to target the central nervous system (the brain) with amplified effects and efficacy. CBD by itself did not do this in the pre-clinical trial research. The second Drug candidate, CQ- 002, supported by (cannabinoid “THC” + IP formula), is a safer alternative to all other THC products based on pre-clinical trial results. An OTC (less potent version) of CQ-001, branded as Mentanine®, targeting anxiety, depression, and PTSD (without claims), is available for sale via CanaQuest Store in the US.



CanaQuest has been named: 2022 Global Excellence Awards

Best Medical Cannabis and Botanical Oils Product Development Company, 2022 North America

– awarded by Global Health & Pharma, UK.



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