Bespoke Capital Consulting, a leader in providing equity investments to contingent fee law firms, is pleased to announce its latest investment in DFW Injury Lawyers. This strategic partnership marks Bespoke’s second investment, further solidifying its commitment to supporting law firms that prioritize representing injured parties and increasing access to justice for underserved communities.

DFW Injury Lawyers, renowned for their expertise in personal injury as well as clergy abuse cases, shares Bespoke’s mission of advocating for the underrepresented and fighting for justice. By investing in DFW Injury Lawyers, Bespoke aims to provide the necessary capital and guidance for the firm to continue its growth trajectory while maintaining its unwavering dedication to its clients.

“We are thrilled to announce our investment in DFW Injury Lawyers,” said Crystal Utley, CEO of Bespoke Capital Consulting. “Their commitment to serving the needs of injured individuals, especially in the Hispanic community, aligns perfectly with Bespoke’s vision. Through this partnership, we aim to provide the resources and expertise necessary for the firm to expand their reach and make a positive impact in the lives of even more injured and underrepresented clients.”

The first of its kind, a black woman-founded company with a remarkable all-female management team, Bespoke leverages its collective 60+ years of legal and legal administration experience and expertise to provide attorneys and law firms with the much-needed capital and expert consultative guidance to grow their businesses. Bespoke Capital Consulting distinguishes itself in the litigation finance field by being the first to pair capital with consultative guidance.  Bespoke provides a comprehensive range of consulting services, including operational best practices, financial core competencies, and business development. This unique approach enables Bespoke to drive value creation and improve outcomes for those in need of legal representation.

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