Northern Florida residents, or those just visiting, should know where to go for emergency medical services should they need them.  

From walk-in clinics and urgent care centers to the hospital emergency room, there are plenty of options for immediate medical care. Sudden and agonizing pains and aches can unpleasantly appear at a moment’s notice; what will happen if someone doesn’t know where to find care? Whether a person ultimately needs a doctor or dentist, Jacksonville, FL, Tallahassee, Gainesville, and many rural locations have emergency care facilities for precisely these reasons. 

 Let’s take a closer look at what Northern Florida has to offer when it comes to emergency medical services: 


Walk-In Clinics  

Walk-in clinics are ideal for treating minor illnesses and injuries like sore throats, earaches, colds, flu-like symptoms, sprains and strains, and cuts that require stitches. Often, staff at these clinics include medical professionals like nurses and nurse practitioners who can diagnose and treat symptoms without an appointment necessary.  


Many walk-in clinics offer extended hours of operations on evenings and weekends to accommodate those who work during traditional doctor office hours or for those who have an immediate need for medical care.  


Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers provide faster and less intense care than an emergency room or primary care provider. Still, they are more comprehensive than a walk-in clinic. These centers have physicians on staff who can diagnose and treat more severe conditions like fractures, heat exhaustion, burns, asthma attacks, dehydration, or lacerations that need suturing.


Urgent care centers may even have onsite X-ray machines and other equipment. This equipment allows them to provide additional treatments like splinting broken bones or setting simple fractures.  


Emergency Dental Services  

Emergency dental services are available for those who experience tooth pain or injury due to an accident or fall. These services include treatment of cracked or knocked-out teeth, severe toothache pain relief, abscesses requiring drainage through a root canal, and more.  


Many dental offices—Aspen Dental, for example—offer same-day appointments for emergency cases if needed. However, if the dentist isn’t available, patients can visit their nearest hospital for further assistance with dental emergencies.


When to Seek Emergency Care 

Sometimes, it’s tough to tell if an injury requires a visit to the emergency room, primary care physician, or the local walk-in clinic. Generally, if the illness or injury that needs attention is not life-threatening, an urgent care facility or walk-in clinic might be an ideal option. As with most medical decisions, though, getting a second opinion for long-term care never hurts.

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