Radiofrequency is a type of energy measured in frequency or wavelengths per second. All types of energy, from gamma rays, body heat, and the sound waves your headphones release, are classified according to their frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.

Radiofrequency (RF) is one category on this spectrum and includes many common energy types we use daily. The RF energy used in skin tightening is in the range of 450 kilohertz, which is on the slow end of the radiofrequency range. Technically, the wavelength used in RF skin tightening is about 100 million times slower than visible light and over 1 billion times slower than an X-ray. RF energy is quite gentle when one considers the whole electromagnetic spectrum.

Radiofrequency treatments may come in microneedling rollers or several skin scrubbers like FANCY, an ultrasonic face scrubber that combines RF and LED technologies to give more radiant skin.

Is It A Safe Treatment?

According to the FDA, the World Health Organization has classified RF radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans—alongside coffee, power lines, and body powder. However, there is no conclusive evidence that RF exposure increases cancer risk in humans, even in people regularly exposed to higher amounts of RF for their jobs.

The radiofrequency used in non-surgical treatments differ from that emitted by your microwave, cell phone, or radar equipment—the radiofrequency in skin tightening treatments is highly controlled. 

FDA-cleared technologies use equipment that allows the practitioner to monitor and control the device during treatment to ensure that targeted tissues reach the optimal temperature to induce new collagen production and cell regeneration without overheating.

Aside from effectively lifting and tightening tissues without surgery, one of the best benefits of RF treatments, when performed with the right devices, is that post-procedure recovery is quick and easy. The possible side effects, which include swelling, redness, and tingling(depending on the treatment), are minimal and temporary.

What Does The Treatment Do?

Generally, RF is commonly used for face-lifting purposes. It eliminates signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles by tightening the skin.

– Slimmer face

RF treatment can potentially be used as a non-surgical method of making your face slimmer.

A 2017 study looked at the effect of using RF therapy to break down fat in the lower face of 14 middle-aged Asian women. After five weeks, more than 90 percent of the women had a fat reduction, and 60 percent were satisfied or very satisfied with their results.

The only side effect observed was mild redness several hours after the procedure.

– Tighter Skin

RF therapy may help tighten loose skin by stimulating collagen production.

A 2017 study revealed that 24 of the 25 people who underwent 5 to 8 sessions of RF therapy sessions saw an improvement in their body shape. Twenty-three people were happy with their results.


Radiofrequency(RF) treatments are safe to use, so you can get the skin benefits without any fears. To get your high-quality RF devices, visit the PRAIMY website now!