Amazon recently laid off hundreds of Amazon Fresh workers. Employees who were responsible for managing certain brick-and-mortar store sections were told that their roles were being eliminated. The layoffs are part of an effort to cut costs – but the company is still expanding its grocery business as a whole and aiming to figure out how to stand out in the competitive grocery market.

“When Amazon entered this business, their assumption was they could use technology to compensate for their late entry, for their lack of scale and lack of a large physical network,” Karan Girotra, a professor at Cornell Tech, told NPR. “The hope was technology would give them an edge, but it didn’t really happen.”

The Pros and Cons of Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh stores aren’t going anywhere – for now. They do have some downsides. First, some people prefer supporting smaller businesses and avoiding the tech giant. Why expand Jeff Bezos’ fortune when you could go to the farmer’s market and support a local farmer instead? There’s also the fact that you can order your groceries online and skip the hassle of shopping in person.

The main benefits of walking into an Amazon Fresh store are speed and convenience. For example, over half of stores in the country allow you to avoid checkout altogether – you can just grab a box of cereal and walk out. Cameras detect what you took and send you a receipt after you leave. That makes sense when you just want to get one thing – you wouldn’t be likely to place an online order for a batch of bananas, and it’s nice to avoid waiting in line and tapping your card for a single item.

Specialized Credit Cards As An Amazon Shopper

If you’re a regular at Amazon Fresh consider maximizing credit card rewards. The right credit card for Amazon perks can help you make the most of your grocery budget. First, focus on cards that offer rewards or cashback on Amazon purchases. Look for ones with higher reward rates for Amazon spending. Next, assess any sign-up bonuses or promotional offers that can boost your initial rewards. Ensure the card’s annual fee and interest rates align with your financial situation, and check for foreign transaction fees if you plan to use the card internationally.

Look for additional perks like extended warranties, purchase protection, and travel benefits that could add further value to your overall card experience. Lastly, consider whether the card’s rewards structure aligns with your spending habits beyond Amazon, providing benefits for other categories you frequently spend on.

Bottom Line

Amazon Fresh is restructuring its operations and it was a tough week for the workers who got let go. As a consumer, there are arguments to be made for both using the service or staying away from it. But if you’re a regular Amazon shopper, you should look into earning credit card rewards with specialized cards to make the most of your purchases.

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