Renowned as one of the world’s topmost educational institutions, the University of Cambridge is also the third oldest university in the world. With a history of over seven centuries, the college was first built in 1284 and was officially recognised by the pope in 1318.

According to the university, Cambridge has won most Nobel Prizes than any other institution. It boasts of 121 alumni that are Nobel laureates. Furthermore, the university’s notable alumni include 7 Turing Award winners, 11 Fields Medalists, 47 heads of state and 14 British Prime Ministers. Moreover, the University also has 194 alumni that have won medals in the Olympics.

Due to its celebrated status, the University of Cambridge draws a large number of applicants each year. Also, depending on the demand of the course that the student wishes to pursue, each university course has approximately six applicants per seat.

Consequently, it can be said that getting admission to the University of Cambridge is fairly hard and competitive. Therefore, aspirants are suggested to pack their university application forms with relevant information and achievements. Excellence in extracurricular activities will also help the applicants stand out from the crowd.

However, students should not get worried and keep in mind that, with a little attention and hard work, any aspirant that aims to crack the Cambridge course of their choice can surely do it. Going further, finding the right course is also important; hence, aspirants can follow a few quick steps to find a perfect course at the University of Cambridge that also walks parallel to their interests.

Before finding a course, the aspirants should ensure they have checked all the university’s eligibility requirements. Undergraduate and especially postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge has an intensive course structure and is also very intellectually demanding. Therefore, the university asks for high academic entry requirements.

Students wanting admission in postgraduate courses should have completed a professional bachelor’s degree (of at least four years) from any recognised institution in the country. The students must have gotten this degree from a well-ranked institution with an overall grade of no less than 70% or a 7.3+ CGPA. Apart from this, the university also has English language requirements that the students belonging to countries not having English as their first language must fulfil.

The university offers 30 different undergraduate courses that cover more than 65 subject domains. Moreover, it also offers over 300 postgraduate courses as well as short online courses. The students can choose from this vast range of courses depending on their interests. The Cambridge application process is a little different from other universities as the university starts its application process a little earlier. Hence, the students are requested to check the university website regularly.

The students will first need to create an account on UCAS if they don’t already have one. They can go to the courses section on the official university website and read about different courses. They can later select and apply for a course of their choice on the UCAS portal. The ‘course overview’ section given on the university website will provide the students with relevant information and help them understand the exact course structure and taught modules. Understanding the course and what it teaches will let the students make a well-informed decision about the subject they want to study. This is important because the University of Cambridge has quite an intensive course structure that can sometimes become overwhelming for students (for example, if it’s not the interest area of the student).

All in all, there is no doubt that the students graduating from the University of Cambridge go on to pursue fruitful careers. This is also because Cambridge students are well sought after in the industry due to the university’s high reputation. Hence, if you are thinking about pursuing a degree from the University of Cambridge, you have made the right choice!

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